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Cobra vs td exhaust

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I'm thinking about changing my exhaust, I'm looking at  a cat back and I've narrowed it down to a cobra resonated or a td resonated, is there any real difference in sound or quality  ? I'm new to all this and not looking for extra power just something that sounds beefier than stock I don't really want to go non res as I'm worried it'll be too loud 😁

        Thanks in advance 

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Since last week I have a Cobra resonated cat back fitted. I am very happy with this exhaust. 

It sounds much better then stock, but not annoying or to loud. The sound will change during the first 1000 miles (as is with every exhaust). I haven't driven much since last week as it is my second car and sitting most of the time in the garage...

The service from both Tarmacsportz (where I ordered) and Cobra is superb. I live in The Netherlands and delivery was fast. The package has everything you need to fit it. I went for the outverted slash cut tips as I like the more OEM look. 

I have never heard the TD in real live, but that exhaust is also looking good. I did contact TD before buying my Cobra, but delivery to The Netherlands was much more expensive from TD unfortunately.

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