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Retrofitting a 2017 dial cluster in a 2013 BRZ Step by Step

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Hi all, here is part 1 of a 2 videos.  This video covers the installation of a facelift dial cluster with LCD screen into my 2013 UK BRZ.  Credit to Gerald Just and the others that worked this all out, I cant take the credit.

There are at least two routes to go down in my situation, im taking the 2nd route on a push button start car:

1. Fit facelift clusters, facelift clock spring, additional wiring and facelift steering wheel. Then get mileage programmed in. 

2. Fit facelift cluster and add the geralds project device to control it without having to faff with steering wheel etc https://www.geraldjustprojects.com/product/brz-frs-gt86-retrofit-2017-cluster-kit-4-screw/

This thread has tonnes of supporting info for all the permutations, this video covers what works for my car, a push button UK spec BRZ, your car may have slight variations.


Once I have received my controller from Gerald I will record the installation of that.


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