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There is a strong possibility that my 86 will be going next week and I'll be putting it back to standard before it goes. Both these parts are at this time still on the car and I'm using this thread to gauge interest in the lights and exhaust. 

SOLD - Lights have been on since September 2019 and are in the condition you'd expect from 5 month old lights. Looking for £230 for these. 

The exhaust again has been on the car since September 2019 and is in the condition you would expect. Quick polish of the pipes brings them up shiny 😎 These as you all know are £576 new and you can have this one for £400 with only 5 months use. 

I'll know Monday afternoon for definite (car is going to be checked mechanically before they pay me but they have placed an offer subject to it being as described). 

Car is going to a change in circumstances where I need more flexibility (seat space) than the 86 offers. 

Let me know if you're interested - You could have the whole car as is for £18500 with 13300 miles. 



Car Rear.jpg

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7 hours ago, likaito said:

Just in case you didn't know for the lights, speedline are selling brand new ones for £200 including shipping and I think most people get theirs from there, so at £230 used you're unlikely to get any offers mate

$270 including shipping, plus conversion fee and plus import duty when they arrive in the UK. Equates to £230 plus £45 in import fees. They are like brand new. Fensport have them for more than £300 plus delivery. These are available now. If you're not interested then that's fine - I'm open to sensible offers but please don't spread misinformation. 


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