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Takona @ Fuel Coffee House Henfield

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Event Title: Takona @ Fuel Coffee House Henfield
Event Author: lewisw
Event Date: 08.03.2020

Hi Guys, 

I’m putting on a small meet at Fuel coffee house in Henfield on Sunday 8th March with my cars and mental health clothing brand Takona. It will be on from 9–12 with space for about 20 cars. 

I know there’s been an 86 meet there before and unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend, my car was there though as Golding barn were repairing it after it’s run in with a lorry. 

Would be good to meet a few of the sussex based owners now I’ve got my car back. 

FB event for anyone that like to keep tabs on there. 


Takona @ Fuel Coffee House Henfield

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