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Fitment questions

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I am new to the modifying game and my first mod is to change the wheels and tyres to give my ride a more aggressive stance.

I am looking to run an 18x8.5 et35 with a 6.13" backspacing (I appreciate this will give me a little poke from the fenders). I will be running these on stock struts to start then plan on getting a set of Eibach lowering springs (only intend on daily driving the car with the occasional trip to the track. I know coilovers are a better option but on a budget at the moment).

I'm slowly getting to grips with offsets and backspacings etc. But can anyone tell me that the above fitment will fit the stock suspension? will I run into any clearance issues?


If anyone is interested in the wheels I am looking at getting, they are the Aodhan DS07's, bronze w/ machined lip  (https://www.aodhanwheels.com/collections/ds-series/products/aodhan-wheels-ds07?variant=19118642364527).





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You should try https://www.ft86motorsports.com/wheelitfit/

It's perfect for checking fitment and gives a very accurate representation. 

With that offset I'd say you'd be fine. 

Expect a it more noise vibration and harshness with that setup but many people run similar on here without a problem. 

Hope this helps. 

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