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Verus Engineering Ventus 1 Aero Package - Group Buy

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As promised details of proposed group buy below:

Verus Engineering Ventus 1 Aero package + Endplates include:

- Street Front Splitter (A0001A)


- Race Upgrade (A0004A)


- Aggressive/ Non-Aggressive Rear Diffuser (A0012A/ A0030A)


- Rear Suspension Covers (A0016A)


- Splitter Endplates (A0040A)


Group buy requires a minimum order of 5 units.

Price is GBP 1,623.26 per kit - this is including VAT, import charges, shipping from Verus to Tegiwa and from Tegiwa to our selected place for fitment (£8116.34 total for 5 kits).

Order and delivery will be arranged by Tegiwa Imports. Each will pay to them directly.

We also need to decide if we would like to arrange fitment at the same place and benefit from cost saving and experience.

Above is assuming all of us want the same package plus endplates (note that Ventus 1 Aero set benefits already from package discount), if anyone would like to add anything or have no Endplates pls specify and I will ask Tegiwa to adjust pricing, but suggest we keep it consstent if we can.

Also specify if you need pre-2017 or post-2017 splitter.

Please confirm if you would like to go ahead with this. Once we get 5 we will confirm and proceed (if we don't have 5 the price will be higher)

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