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Where do I stand with this - servicing and warranty - not my GT86

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Basically in January 2019 we swapped out the wife's Auris SR for a 2014 Qashqai. I was told when i signed the deal sheet that it wasn't due a service until November 2019.

Driving back last week from a short break the 'service' message came up on the dash so I rang the dealer to query the service history.

The service dept say that they are not aware of it having been serviced since November 2017. Pulled out the service book to check and they have completed a service 'stamp' in the book which shows as being serviced in January 2019 yet the dealer service dept is still adamant thay haven't done it?

In the paperwork I have from the transaction, there is checklist sheet for when they took the QQ into stock (in Sept 2018) which details the need for a service in November 2018

If they haven't properly serviced it should I demand that they service it for free and ensure that the warranty is validated?

I'm wary of any warranty issues caused by a perceived lack of servicing - especially as we just had to have the AC compressor replaced under warranty without issue. Got to go back anyway as somehow the front camera is now not working since they worked on the AC.


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Well has a result - probably due to the indomitable Mrs M going down to dealers.

Ended up with them doing a major service for free due to the cock up. Nice saving of nearly £300!

They'll also ensure the warranty is honoured if there are any issues that arise.


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