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RC Drift BRZ

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Decided to get myself a HPI Racing RS4 Sport 3 Drift BRZ RC car for my recent birthday. The front LEDs need a bit of work but something to keep me busy during the winter when I can't do full size car stuff0f0aa3005ffe0a9537f8e0a5c21cdd1b.jpg111895ca79c0f29c5ca42bdf6fc92b3b.jpghttps://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5cfeba9e8e47a/VID_24470416_125521_659.mp4


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Very nice. :)We have a GT86 RC drift car. Sorry don't have any pics, but has all the working lights and all that. Took it to an RC drift club for a time (it was the other half's). He then got bored of it and  it's not turned a wheel since! 😂

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