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Car Quieter After Service

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9 months ago we got the TD N/A UEL setup with a full non-res exhaust and it sounded great. Got a bit louder once run in and while some could argue it was too loud, it was really good fun and sounded great heel and toeing. You could hear it coming from quite a way when on throttle.

It went into the dealer for what should have been a full service, so that's oil, diff oil, plugs. We said not to do the air filter or the brake fluid as those were changed when we did the rest of it. Brother picked it up and when I got home to ask how it went he said it was different, quieter than before. I've driven it since and it definitely is. It's almost lost the burble you get from the UEL. I'm struggling to work out what they could have altered. Had feared the map had gone, which happens sometimes in the VAG world but all the ECUTEK features are still there and it feels closer to stock when you put it in mode 4 which is correct. The only thing they mentioned was the exhaust wasn't standard and that the "joint rear bolts don't reach thread lock/vinyl". The car has run faultlessly since the mods and it's driven the best it ever has. The exhaust has never rattled and feels like an OEM item that should have been like it from the start. Unlike the Miltek I have on my vRS which rattles and drones at odd RPM's. I struggle to believe something was loose all this time to make the noise. Could it be anything else? I have a video from the day we came home from TD. I'll try to do another to compare.

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