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Blyton Park - new car shakedown Sunday 31st January


Event details

Hopefully my car will be with me and run in by then! 


I want to have a play with it and try some things out and find the balance of the chassis. Blyton Park is near Gainsborough, Lincolnshire and it's a nice safe, but technical track with some great fast sections. I've competed in the sprint series on this track around 15 times in competition. It's my number one track for wins and I've done a few track days here. It has a few corners that are particularly good for trail braking and has enough room if you do run out of talent.


Whilst there are plenty of other tracks that I have driven far more. I like the feel of this one and it's really a great little test track. With that in mind, I'd like to go here first. Then onto Oulton, Donny and Cadwell, but all in good time. image.gif




As the event is on a Sunday I will be looking to book the Premier Inn Scunthorpe. I've stayed here as many times as I've driven the track. The plan being to meet in the hotel bar for 2pm the day before. Have a bit of banter and a good old social, followed by dinner, sober up then a quick blat over those lovely Lincolnshire roads early on Sunday morning. It's about a 20 minute drive to the track.


Currently showing as £29 for the night. Bargain. image.gif




Obviously this relies on the COVID situation being a bit more relaxed. But I live in hope.


Who's up for it?


1. Lauren










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