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Club Track Day - Brands Hatch GP - 30 April 2020 - CANCELLED


Event details

Club Track Day - Brands Hatch GP (MSVT) - £413 (including group discount)

Thursday, April 30, 2020

One of the few chances each year that the exclusive Grand Prix Circuit is open to the public and this is your opportunity to drive it with MSV Trackdays!


There is nothing else quite like Brand Hatch’s Grand Prix Circuit in the country. Blasting down Pilgrims drop, flat out towards Hawthorn Bend before taking on the Westfield Bend. Then, on to Dingle Dell and the sharp left-hander that is Stirling bend at which point you leave the woods and come under the bridge hard on the brakes for Clearways. This challenging array of high-speed corners and flat out straights should be on the list of “must-dos” for every track day driver in the country.

This General Car Track day has an Open Pit Lane format enabling you to go out on the circuit as you choose. Your day will begin with registration, followed by your car being noise tested. Please pay special attention to the noise limit listed.


If anyone has a good video of Brands Hatch GP circuit pls post the link.

How to Book:

Group booking has been set up.

Call 01474-875-226 and ask for "GT 86/ BRZ Drivers Club" group booking.

Price, including group discount, should be £413.

Its expensive, but for those who wanted to try out Brands GP circuit its a good opportunity to join fellow club members and friends.

You can also use vouchers, see link below, and with £600 for £500 voucher the net cost for you would be £344 (and enough voucher value left for another track day).

We should get free garage (for 5+) and if more than 10 book we'll get free grid group photo.

You can book instructor sessions at the same time.

Once you booked please let me know.

More details to follow

See you there!


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