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The 64th Pomeroy Trophy

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The 64th Pomeroy Trophy

Saturday, February 16th, 2019



For more than half a century the men and women behind The Pom have awarded the winning car the accolade of best touring car, or all-rounder.

So, in conjunction with the main contest, held on Saturday 16 February 2019, Toyota GB and the Vintage Sports-Car Club are inviting any road-going Toyota to join an exclusive event.

It is called the Parallel Pomeroy Trophy and will take place on the same day at Silverstone, using elements of the same tests, and be assessed by the same judges as The Pom itself.

The mission is to find the UK’s best Toyota!

Competitors will participate in a series of autotest-style challenges, with a minimum of six tests scheduled on the day. A competition licence isn’t required, but a road driving licence is needed and passengers are not allowed to be on board during the tests.

The handicap formula used to determine the scoring will take into account factors such as a car’s engine capacity, its year of manufacture and the times recorded on the tests.

Run in the UK since 1952 by the Vintage Sports-Car Club (VSCC), the Pomeroy Trophy pits cars of all types and from all eras against each other using a unique series of calculations to ensure all are judged equally.

The only strict requirement is that any car entering must be road legal.


Entry Fee is £30

Spectating is free

Who's participating and who will join to spectate?