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Duderstadt 2018 10-12th August


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 I know I've mentioned this before, but the IMOC Duderstadt meet where we meet up with our old Dutch and German friends is going to have it's 16th meet this year. The Dutch have taken over this year and my old, good friend Erik who has been going since it started is organising it. Last year was the last time our German friends organised it and we had a wickedly good time, despite bonkers weather!  

He's offering two nights in a hotel with breakfast and dinner included for €87 per person which is a bit of a bargain. It will mostly be with the Dutch guys but I'm sure a few of the German guys will come too. 

Duderstadt is in the Harz region of Germany. Think the peak district but with less traffic and no speed cameras. The format is that we drive to Duderstadt normally in convoy with our Dutch friends who know a scenic route there, though you can just go straight there if you so wish, but be warned it's a very long drive in one day. Another option is to have a stop over at Gent (which is a beautiful city) on the way to break the drive up a bit. Last year we did it in one go from the Eurotunnel and I found it a bit much really. 

Duderstadt is a beautiful place, it's a small city on the old East/West Border and on the Saturday they allow us to display our cars in the pedestrianised high street. 

My thinking is that this is a great opportunity to get the GT86/BRZ's involved and have a truly international meet with a load of our MR2 friends we already know from JAE. I'd love to get some German, Dutch and Belgian GT86/BRZ's there. 

I'm thinking a bit of a tour on the way there if people are up for it. We could have a night in fabulous Bruges, then we could go to Utrecht with a train ride into Amsterdam, or we could even stay in Amsterdam if parking is possible. The options are open. Utrecht is like a smaller Amsterdam and perhaps a night or two there before meeting up with the 'Wild Bunch' (MR2 owners) and convoy with them to Duderstadt. 

After the display in the city, we go for a drive out round the Harz region, it's big, quiet and there are some good fast roads. Then it's party on in the usual style. 

Here's a few pics from when I've been in 2012 and 2013. Let me know what you guys think. 

2012 (AE86)

16474008602_fb8b22b2a2_c.jpgMy car with a Rev 3 Turbo which was very JDM. :) by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr

2013 in the GT:

16474868535_6371675506_c.jpgUntitled by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr

De-restricted autobahn:

16287202548_93361a2a05_c.jpgUntitled by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr

Meeting up with Erik and the Wild Bunch for the convoy over to Duderstadt:

15852315754_620925074b_c.jpgUntitled by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr

Cars on display in the city centre (2012):

16448947816_c83ba8ddbc_c.jpgDuderstadt town centre by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr

Duderstadt 2013:

29003781633_0d00e78fa8_c.jpgDuderstadt 2012 by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr

Utrecht 2013:

29003830153_b38c5ef891_c.jpgUtrecht 2013 by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr

Beautiful Bruges 2013:

29001816334_e9aa48fe61_c.jpgBruges 2013 by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr

Beer aplenty!

29337372390_166e241efc_c.jpgBruges 2013 by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr

29516963382_50870f8fc4_c.jpgBruges 2013 by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr

I really think it could be an epic trip. I would say it's a week away or more if people want to do that. We normally have a few stop overs on the way there and may well stop in Bruges again on the way back. You can if you're a bit mad, get on the Chunnel or ferry and drive straight to Duderstadt on the autobahn, but it's a long old way. 

I think the earlier we start organising this, the better it will be. :)