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    29 August 2019

    Track Day - Snetterton 300
    Thursday, August 29th (MSVT)
    £161 (including group discount)
    Speed is the buzz word at Snetterton. You will find the half-mile Bentley Straight - one of the longest on any UK race track. Extended to 3 miles this circuit can now run three different configurations. A superb mix of fast sweeping corners, medium speed corners that test your apex hitting skills and slow corners to challenge your nerve. Then add in two challenging chicanes, the exhilarating Bombhole, the never ending Coram and the picture is complete. The circuit also has plenty of run-off areas at key corners, adding to your safety.
    Snetterton is located 20 miles South-West of Norwich, approximately an hour-and-a-half from London.
    We will have a "club" track day on Thursday, August 29th
    I have organized a group discount - 10% off and free garage when we get to 5+.
    How to book:
    Call 01474 875 226
    Give reference “GT86/ BRZ Drivers Club"
    (you can also use vouchers)
    Once you have booked please let me know.
    (Will also post on FB, if you confirm on FB please also let me know your forum name).
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