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  1. Supercharger stopped working?

    Honestly I'd put it on a truck to Abbey :/
  2. Simply Race - Milton Keynes

    15 Sims so list below! 1. Falix - 75 mins 2. Dilan - tbc 3. Lewisw - 75 mins 4. TTR - 50 mins 5. Samsss - 75 mins 6. James Ives - 75 mins 7. Dan T - 75 mins 8. Dan J - 75 mins 9. Matt100 - 50 mins 10. Richy - 75 mins
  3. Ok so MK is blessed with Simply Race, essentially 15 linked race Sims running Rfactor2. Choice of cars/tracks is huge, they can get a GT86 for us. Sunday 29th April is currently free. Proposing 15:00 to allow food and travel etc... We have 2 choices; 50 mins seat time for £25 (takes approximately 90 mins). 75 mins seat time for £35 (takes approximately 2hrs). Name, time preference below, deposit is £6pp non refundable to block book, I'll give this a couple weeks then book us up and pay the deposits. 1. Falix - 75 mins 2.
  4. Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    This was a bargain!!! I'm a little gutted you're just repairing rather than going mental engine, but should be a good read!
  5. GT86 Bits

    God damnit. Pics of the carbon interior stuff?
  6. GT86 Stock Tail Lights

    Open to offers?
  7. Follow me home lights

    The tap to turn aftermarket relay does this with the indicators, helps if you always back in.
  8. Falix's WR BRZ

    Finally fitted up the 18s, and the Perrin is on! Also got an alignment, drives ace!
  9. Falix's WR BRZ

    😂 Yeah I know!!! I have a personal plate to swap over when I finally sort my life out. Awesome ride and quality. I bought used so can't comment on pricing. 17x8 ET30, also looking to sell them...
  10. Benjamin Franklyn's 86

    Quite the sleeper if one of these can be!
  11. Falix's WR BRZ

    ****Mega long post warning***** So in October, I did something fun and a bit stupid, and finally bit the bullet and bought a Subaru BRZ... this is how it went. I am not a morning person. This hour of the day was not much fun. My incredible value train ticket to the nearest station to the dealership in Falkirk (£53!!!) The Lake District. Murrayfield, I got excited somewhere around here. I got picked up from the station in the car, drove it back via their usual test drive route, car was spot on. Pictures do not do World Rally Blue justice!!! Love the colour. Rear lights need to go, but that can wait. Met up with Brad off PH Forums who looked round the car for me before I went to get it! Then I drove the North Coast 500! Fort William My new dash (Headunit has to go!) Just incase I broke my phone! The view over Helmsdale for my first night! John o Groats! Wick Harbour, met up with a mate who works in Wick and lives in Thurso so had a play with his Megane Turbo for the day! Was good fun, alot of torque steer, and surprisingly revvy! Thurso Beach An evening in Bettyhill... My 4 favourite pictures of the entire trip! The scenery of the west Highlands is insane, totally mind blowing. Lochinver The ferry terminal and dock at Ullapool Somewhere near Ullapool! Looking moody in Carlisle Total miles from Falkirk to home via NC500 & Fort William! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So one thing I noticed a day or so into my trip was the brakes were pretty terrible. Plenty of meat on the pads but no bite at all. Closer investigation and i found Jurid marked on the fronts. Cheap pads from Euros or wherever. A little asking around on the GT86/BRZ Driver's Facebook page and I bought and fitted these: Performance Friction fronts and Yellowstuff rears. In Derby this week... It's going to a local detailer to clean 1500 miles of grime off and seal it for winter on Saturday, so more pictures then! Next up is swap a set of wheels off my Fabia over onto it for winter, and my personal plate, then save for an exhaust and some TOMs rear lights. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just had it de-swirled and it looks incredible! Pictures: Can't believe the difference, even on a 3yr old car. This thing is also making me reconsider my collection of toys... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Swapped my spare wheels over end Nov; Really like the Gunmetal against the Blue, but next pair of tyres can be bigger than the 205/40/17 on there now. Also the Rainsport3s are much nicer to use than the awful standard tyres on greasy roads! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KW Coilovers and Superpro rear lower arms and toe arms on! With a proper alignment, the car is on rails! Very pleased! I also took it round Wales for 4 days! Black Mountain pass: My hotel for the first night: Some awesome metal in the carpark!: Day 2, Rhyader mountain pass: And elsewhere: Stayed in Portmeirion: Also went into Caernarfon that night: Day 3 Snowdonia and Denbeigh: And day 4 I didn't grab many pictures at all. ...but I did collect a Perrin stainless 3" cat back Which sounds cracking even with the rest of the OEM system. Next up is 18s and a head unit I think, then those awful rear lights sorted! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We're pretty much upto date! I bought 3x 18s off somebody local and ordered the 4th, so pictures when they are on, as i was sick of scraping everything on 17s and tiny tyres.
  12. Flasher Relay (RHD)

    tap-to-turn was what I did it for, 4 flashes with a flick of the stalk, my 10 year old van has this the going home lights are nice too. The relay died after a few days so i've gotta do this all over again soon with its replacement.
  13. Newbie from Milton Keynes

    Welcome! I'm sure I've seen you about in this.
  14. Prospective owner, some questions!

    I went used. You can sort out your own finance cheaply enough nowadays. Nothing too scary to look out for! I'd say travel for the right car, they can get cheaper the further north you go, with some great deals to be had with a little patience. Don't be afraid of good quality aftermarket bits on car either.