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Rear upper control arm camber bushes problem

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Have had a problem with my whiteline camber bushes. At some point a crush washer on the passenger side camber bolt worked itself loose which resulted in the nut flying off.


Having lost confidence in them, I asked my garage to remove the whiteline camber bolts and put the standard ones back in. Unfortunately the driver's side one is well and truly stuck in there, so instead the mechanic fixed the passenger side whiteline component using a new bolt which he had to cut to the right size.


I feel a bit conflicted now about what to do. Do I cross my fingers and hope it's all OK? Do I go and get the geometry redone and risk another bit breaking? Argh! Should have gone for camber adjustable lower control arms... classic case of trying to save some money only then having to spend more to rectify it when the cheaper option goes wrong.


Any suggestions welcome.


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