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16” bronze CE28 alloys and tyres for sale

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I have for sale a set of Volk/Rays CE28s which would be ideal for trackday wheels.

They are 16x7J ET48 with Bridgestone RE01-R tyres

2 are in very good condition with no kerbing

1 has a small amount of kerbing as per the pictures.

1 has been kerbed and has a flap of rubber off the sidewall which has been stuck down. Holds air fine and I have used it with no issues, but I do have to point it out.

Looking for £650 ono collected from Derby. I can add money to them if you’ve some 18’s to sell.

More pics to follow.





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Hi MitchC, I was expecting the tyres to be 215 wide as 7" wheel not 205 - I don't know much about tyres but is there a reason to use one or the other on this wheel? Cheers.

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