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BRZ 767

FS: BRZ 767 Number Plate

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I traded in my beloved GT86 for work-related reasons and this is the last 'part' I have left for sale.

The number plate is BRZ 767.

It wasn't registered or fitted to my car.  You can, however, admire my Photoshop skills by seeing what the number plate could look like on your BRZ hehe.

The benefit of this designation is that it can be easily understood by the uninitiated; it's simply the model name.

You'll be really lucky if the numbers have a meaning for you too.  Perhaps you were born in July 1967, July 1976, or 7th June YYY7?!

Either way it's a balanced sequence.

The price I'm offering is the price I paid, which is £399 via PayPal, plus shipping.

The sale will include the transfer of the registration certificate, front and rear legal plates and a fitting kit.

I'm not willing to entertain any offer unless and until I list the number plate on eBay in the summer months (when I think there will be more interest).

Please send me a PM or post is this forum if you're interested, or have any questions.

I recognise that I have zero reputation here, but I do have a long standing presence on eBay, so can list the item there if you have concerns.5c2936e90f0c7_BRZ767(2).thumb.jpg.ff015abfde4b18710fc244e0d50c8376.jpg

BRZ 767 (1).png

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