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  1. Tubbytommy

    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    Great to see this build continuing, I see it in the background of monky London's you tube channel when he is at Carson performance. Good luck it's going to be all worth it when its finished
  2. Tubbytommy

    Help with overpipe/front pipe

    If you need a new oem overpipe drop me a pm you can have it for postage costs
  3. Tubbytommy

    Help with overpipe/front pipe

    Cut the bolts sounds the only option
  4. Tubbytommy

    Puncture repair kit

  5. Tubbytommy

    Coilovers Wanted

    Bc is cheap Chinese poop. Ohlins are what you need
  6. Tubbytommy

    Aftermarket Wheels & TPMS

    Also they do read direct pressure as I have the carista app and it tells you each individual pressure reading next to the serial number of the sensor
  7. Tubbytommy

    Aftermarket Wheels & TPMS

    Mine too
  8. Tubbytommy

    Deacons '86

    Awesome! bedford is a great track. How did your tyres wear in the heat?
  9. Tubbytommy

    Deacons '86

    Looks great, it's going to be a hot one too.
  10. Needs decent pads,avoid ebc
  11. Tubbytommy

    Functional splitters/diffusers

    As said its unlikely any of the above aero would make a difference on a road going or occasionally tracked gt86. But as my mum said "dont argue with idiots....."
  12. Tubbytommy

    BBK Options

    I've no idea, all I can say is Ian is a brake specialist and if you have any issues you can call and get an answer straight away. An example is the rear discs, it's an odd fitment as only hatch impreza discs fit which are 114 pcd, a lot of people have tripped up with the rear conversion by getting the incorrect discs as the 100 Pcd are the wrong offset. Ian knew the correct ones that I needed and redrilled 114 to 100 PCd and also made them j hook to match fronts. The alternative was some Australian made discs for stupid money that only amber performance stocked who didn't seem interested in my questions via email. The customer service is a reason I use them too.
  13. Tubbytommy

    BBK Options

    I forget now, look at wrx upgrades on his website it's the same kit. He makes his own discs,that's the difference. The discs aren't ap. He offers a years warranty for track days which is good enough for me
  14. Tubbytommy

    Redstuff pads for gt86?

    There are lots of options,take a look at what other use with oem set ups. Red stuff are terrible in general,especially when cold