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  1. Tubbytommy

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    I've got tickets to japfest now so I will definitely be there. I'll take a look then. Should of got on the stand after all.
  2. Tubbytommy

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Thanks for that , I'll get some ordered. Any issues since fitting? I'm going to pop up to donnington Sunday if the weather is good,I'd love to take a look at your car. Very interesting build project.
  3. Tubbytommy

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    I have just had my rear brembos returned from the refurbishers and am looking for dba discs. where did you get your from as the only ones i can find are in australia. Thanks
  4. Tubbytommy

    Facelift rear screen???

    99% of the parts are the same, new front bumper and lights,new rear lights and spoiler. Rear screen is identical
  5. Tubbytommy

    Popping / clicking noise front slow turns

    ive had several imprezas and they all did this too.
  6. Tubbytommy

    BBK Options

    330mm.....go big or go home. 355 6pot
  7. Tubbytommy

    Tom’s Front Strut Brace

    Don't want to burst your bubble mate but that looks remarkably like a jap speed strut brace with a sticker. Check your importer
  8. Tubbytommy

    Northamptonshire Newbie

    I solved that issue with trd fender things
  9. Tubbytommy

    Northamptonshire Newbie

    There is a few around northants on here now.
  10. Tubbytommy

    Window Tinting

    Mine was not like that when I had it done. I'd leave it a few weeks and if the bubbles etc. Are still there I'd go back
  11. Tubbytommy

    Aftermarket headunit

    You just need a Subaru BRZ to iso rather than Toyota to iso. The rest is the same
  12. Tubbytommy

    Aftermarket headunit

    Just make sure it's got android auto/apple car play. I have pioneer Avicz810dab. If I bought again I'd get a cheaper unit as Waze or Google maps is better than the built in nav and I never use dab due to patchy reception and use tune in radio app instead. You can buy all cables to make it plug and play including an adaptor to keep the oem USB connector. It requires a fascia kit but they are readily available
  13. No problem,worth the ask
  14. thanks, i was just going to buy one of these as i have just fitted a bbk kit, you realise they are less than £50 from fensport? would you consider an offer?
  15. Do you have any pics of the brake stopper? Thanks