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  1. After building and enjoying this car for over 2 years, I never thought I would see it again. Having part exchanged it 2 years previous, it has found it's way back to the dealership I now work at. Given the happy memories I have had with the Drivers Club, I thought I would advertise the car here and give the opportunity to pass the car on to a member that I know will love it just as much as I did. It is a 2013 model, cloth interior with parking sensors, navigation and cruise control. It has covered 43,000 miles. The car is an ex demo with 3 owners in total (2 private including me and the original was Toyota themselves). I bought the car back in 2014 as a totally standard example and then spent the following 9 months enjoying it in standard form. For the next 18 months or so I went about modifying it tastefully and that is how it sits today. The previous owner after me has simply used it as a commuting car and did not modify it further. The service history is as follows: 11/02/2014 - 1st Service Inchcape Toyota Oxford 06/06/2015 - 2nd Service - Lancaster Colchester Toyota 31/07/2015 - Serviced by me when the turbo conversion was installed. This was with Millers Nanodrive OW-20 oil and a Blitz oil filter. 20/09/2016 - 4th Service carried out by Fensport including new brake fluid, gearbox oil change and an hours mapping time with Adrian to ensure the car was still behaving as it should. It is now due another service which will be carried out with Millers Nanodrive once again and matching Blitz oil filter along with pollen and cabin filters. It will also have a fresh 12 months MOT before it leaves our ownership. Modifications are as follows: Full Speed By Design turbo kit, compromising of a Mitsubishi 20g billet turbo, and EL manifold. ACT 6 puck racing clutch. TEIN 25mm springs - stock shocks. Brand new Uniroyal Rain Sport 3 tyres all round. 215/45/17 Japan Racing JR3 wheels in Gunmetal Grey. 17x7. Beatrush Master Cylinder Stopper. Front Strut Brace Invidia N1 exhaust titanium tipped. Custom made IWS Developments overpipe and catless midpipe 2.5" diameter. Full Samco Hose kit Whiteline Gearbox insert The car was mapped at TDI in Thurrock where it made 263.5hp at the hubs at just over 7psi. I paid special attention to how the car was mapped to avoid rod bending low down torque which kills these FA20 engines as everyone knows. Peak torque comes in at 4780rpm and is 209.9 lbs ft. Peak power is at 7170rpm. The car will also come with the full Ecutek kit and dongle which I purchased off Fensport, as well as an ELM wifi dongle which can be used to measure oil temps, boost pressure etc with apps like DashCommand etc. I still have all the original manuals, will come with 2 keys, and all the invoices from all the work I had carried out. My original build thread from the car is here: The car is priced at £15,695 but we are open to sensible offers. Any questions feel free to fire away and I will now post all the pictures below for everyone to look at!
  2. JamesP1991

    De-Cat Manifold - How Loud?

    Yeah with a decat UEL and full exhaust system I used to idle at 95-98 db's. If you have already got the stock catted front pipe, then a resonated catback would probably quiet it down enough drone wise. Everyone's perception of bearable is different though and it would be a faff to swap catbacks over.
  3. Cheers for updating Rob, be lovely to see everyone again.
  4. JamesP1991

    Motorsport spec car on the bay

    Aren't JRM the guys who run the Nissan GT3 program?
  5. JamesP1991

    Provincial Grand Essex GT86 Brigade Meet

    Nick has given me the heads up about this, I will trundle down after work in mine and meet up with you all.
  6. JamesP1991

    Mackin FRS - Pikes Peak

    Love the Porsche Blue colour.... Full titanium exhaust system did I read? That's what probably gives it it's slightly "hollow" unique sound.
  7. JamesP1991

    Just sign the papers

    Welcome to the club fella
  8. JamesP1991

    Adam's Stage 3 Turbo Rocket Bunny

    Yeah mine was custom made for an N/A manifold, so it is not ideal when it comes to the different position of the downpipe, whereas obviously the AVO kit is designed for a turbo kit from the ground up. Yeah mine is a 2.5" currently, I did speak about upgrading to a 3" but apparently on our turbo setups, 2.5" is good for flow up to 400hp.. saves me some money Yeah I did think it would be that mate, it does take some time to get used to.. do you notice it most on the down shifts when the revs start to fall? I like it, gives you that race car like feeling haha! Yes I will be coming so it will be good to have a catch up and have a nose around your car bud. Not sure if I will get her on the dyno but I will be buying a few bits like a dedicated turbo blanket and maybe some accessories whilst I am there. Looking forward to it.
  9. JamesP1991

    Northern Meet/Open Day @ Tuning Developments

    I'll nab a turbo blanket off you too whilst I am there if you have any, so I can finally get rid of that useless heat shield.
  10. JamesP1991

    Petrol question

    The joy of having to rely on Shell... You have to plan every journey around their filling stations!
  11. I never could hear the radio when I was catless so I didn't give a toss about the missing controls on the steering wheel.... Dan don't lie and pretend you listen to music any more, that fart cannon drowns out everything haha!
  12. JamesP1991

    Northern Meet/Open Day @ Tuning Developments

    As long as I am free I am definitely up for coming along guys! Car hasn't been on a long journey for a while and it would be a good chance to stretch it's legs a bit
  13. Yeah I am building boost from 2900rpm, so because we sit at around 3k RPM at 70 in 6th, the torque is there ready to go whenever I start accelerating. Cheers for digging that old chestnut up though mate, I'll give it a go when I get home and see if both doors now unlock afterwards. Although I have to say, listening to the missus moan outside because I refuse to unlock the passenger door when I get in doesn't get old haha.
  14. JamesP1991

    Essex Meet - Boreham - 18th October 2015

    Meant Keith Nick... My mind is failing me this morning Amended to save the embarrassment haha!
  15. It's generally the spacing of 5th to 6th when I think about it Jordan. If 5th gear was made a slightly bit taller, then 6th would not bog down the engine so much. It's not so much a problem now for me, but when I was running N/A 6th just took you right out of the torque band and the car just died. I cannot complain about the MPG bonus though I see, maybe GringoSteve might know how to do it? I know he was messing around a bit with the car controls.