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    Wheel fitment

    Its his car Church. The question was do they fit. Why do you feel the need to challenge everyone who doesn't necessarily do it the way you want?
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    Wheel Advice

    Almost a dead thread - until now! Some 'new' (for me) wheels arrived after much searching and looking! 6.56 to 6.64kg each - nice and light! Well pleased!
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    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    One from the Adrian Flux meet the other week!
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    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    One from the other week. y
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    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Been a while since my last update, nothing has changed performance wise. However today I picked my car up from being detailed by Reep Midlands in Leicester. Car now has PPF applied to the front bumper, along with a couple of pieces on the rear bumper. G-Techniq Crystal Serum Ultra Black applied everywhere else. I also had the engine bay cleaned and front brake calipers sealed. I ordered some new wheels a month or some ago, they are Japan Racing JR29's in Bronze, size: 17x8 +35. Fitted with Michelin PS4's. Also fitted a new Yuasa 60Ah battery as the standard 48Ah one died on me. Here are a couple of photo's.
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    Kelvin's Red BRZ Build

    After doing a few modifications to my Subaru BRZ, I thought I'd create a build thread for anyone interested in seeing the progress and to keep a personal account for myself. I also have instagram if anyone wishes to follow me on that @KelvBRZ On the 18th of August 2017 I ended up buying my current Subaru BRZ which had 7,500 miles and is a 2012 registered car, I came from a 2004 Honda S2000 GT and surprisingly there wasn't a massive difference between the two cars apart from the obvious VTEC and the slightly better handling from the S2000. Picture of my old Honda S2000: First picture I got of the Subaru BRZ: The car was kept standard over winter as it was garaged which gave me time to accumulate mods: Work Emotion D9R's with Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres KW V3 Coilovers Eibach Camber Bolts Eibach Lower Control Arms Eibach Toe Arms All parts were then fitted by a friend of mine and the wheels were test fitted before my alignment: I then headed up to Automek in East Kilbride to get my alignment done: After the alignment I ordered my exhaust setup (Cobra Non Resonated Cat Back, Overpipe and Decat): How the car looks at the 1st of June 2018 (time creating this thread):
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    Lmc,s build

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    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    One from the other day.
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    GT86 Le Mans liveries

    There right now! My 18th visit, not seen any other 86s so far.
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    Photobucket photo fixer add on

    If you use Google you can install the following add on which automatically fixes old broken Photobucket photo links. I've tried it on my phone and it's working for me so may be useful for anyone wanting to access pictures on some of the older threads 👍 https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-hotlink-fix/kegnjbncdcliihbemealioapbifiaedg?hl=en
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    Rust under weather strip in bonnet

    Sorry, only just picked it up this evening SU003-05827 (Plate Bmpr Upr) That is just the metal strip, no clips, rubber etc.
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    Japanese Auto Matsuri

    Plan is to assemble at Mc Donald’s Springfield services CM2 5PY WE NEED TO LEAVE THERE AT 09:00 and must be on site by 09:30. Looking forward to this now. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    The weekend is upon us again and this week is a fun one! Started off with a small job, getting the new overflow tank fitted. Just a small aluminium £30 piece from ebay, nothing special but far nicer looking than the toyota tank. Got it fitted up with one of the OEM mounting brackets and a small ghetto aluminium bracket I made up (I'm no fabricator for sure! ) And then the piece i've been looking to fit for a while, new body panels. Nice and easy with a second set of hands from my Dad. Starting off with the new (used) fender I have, brand new arch liner and undertray: I then got the new Intec Fender garnish/indicator pieces in to finish off the driver's side. They look great but unfortunately need a bit of fiddling to get working. Probably because I bought them from the US but as per the rear light clusters the indiciator needs to be re-wired. The connect is a bit tricky to repin so i may just cut and solder them, I don't plan on using the bumper indicators in the long run anyway. It's beginning to look like a car again Very exciting! And finally the last job of the day and by far my favourite, fitting the new Seibon Carbon Bonnet! Unfortunately when the bonnet is latched down the panel gap between it and the front wing is atrocious but i'm not too fussed for now, going to wait for a new passenger's side front wing and maybe the headlights to arrive before I worry about where the problem lies with that. Either way it looks fantastic, i'm really pleased with how it all turned out.
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    Quball's Pandem V3 BRZ

    I Suppose I should really do an update, So all my additional Orange samco hoses are now here for the rad and heater and mentioned before to go with the joiners for the turbo kit to replace the blue. Next up to arrive was my custom Valenti headlights, that I had opened up painted black, along with colour changing demon eyes,brows and to allow the brows to be used as a permanent on feature. so attached a shot of the one I got sent from Ronin aka Jack who did these for me, wont be to everyone's cup of tea and is merely a show piece. And a poor photo of when I got them I had seen photos before they were sent so I wasn't to bothered about getting a decent shot here, the reflection in the light is my monitor its nothing inside the light. Then I de-striped the BRZ. Had news from Dan at Fensport that the new bonnet had arrived in, but no pics of that as they are being kind enough to keep it in storage for me till later this month when I need it because of my sheer lack of space that's becoming less and less. As with most of the car everything is pretty much on the change up and with that I ordered new tail lights and they arrived a couple of weeks ago, not to everyone's taste and originally not to mine but they have grown on me and I think they will sit nicely with the rest of the car. Intec Carbon fibre with smoked lenses. And Then......after a couple of weeks delay at the finishers and then waiting for them to come in and clear customs etc etc etc the wheels, which only arrived to me this Tuesday just gone. So here they are first 3 images are the rears last 2 are the fronts. Avant Garde - AGFORM F420 Fronts just a couple more things to sort and arrange and she's almost all set to go.
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    Nurburgring 2018

    Hey all, Recently just came back from Germany with a load of mates. Had an absolute blast with the 86! The roads were just fantastic and well suited for this car, especially in the wet It's nice to see a handful of 86's and BRZ's out there. It was my first time actually driving on the Nurburgring (2nd ever time on a track in this car, first being at Angelsey), so the first 1 or 2 laps I took with caution while I learned where my braking points are and how the car handles. Sounds silly, but I know the track pretty well just by racing with my sim setup on Assetto Corsa and IRacing and it felt very familiar and comfortable haha! I didn't lap with the intentions of timing but I do a fair bit of endurance karting, so I have the mindset of a racer of wanting to overtake everyone and follow fast lines I had it all on video so I was able to time the laps afterwards, however, almost every lap bar my final and quickest lap was hurt by some serious yellow flags and traffic. You're very lucky to be able to do a lap without the ring closing or a yellow flag present somewhere! All my laps I had a passenger in and almost a full tank of fuel so that plays a large factor in handling and times as well especially in our cars! haha. My 4th lap was my fastest lap as I decided to do a solo lap with low fuel to see how the car handles and it made a huge difference! (5 seconds quicker halfway into the lap than my 5th and fastest recorded lap) but then I hit a load of yellows at the end of the circuit which ruined the time. To top it off, my camera died which is a massive shame but that's how it is! Eventually, the 5th lap I managed to get ahead of traffic and set an 8m 48s lap for my first ever trip to the ring and that's in a stock car! Came away a very happy man! haha. This is the lap: Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBTZur0nO1t_uh65xcSTQTeP5k7HkjhED A handful of photos: (link:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10211780077443345.1073741860.1411372255&type=1&l=afa18d7c16) Now it's been round stock, it's time to add a few bits to it and see what it's really capable of! I imagine this can get in high 7's with wider tyres, a bit more power in engine and brakes and a good geometry setup! Anyone else got any Nurburgring experiences to share?
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    Japanese Auto Matsuri

    Thanks to Lee for organising the event another great day out & good to meet some new faces.
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    Japanese Auto Matsuri

    Really enjoyed today very nice to meet each of you and another thank you to Nick for making the effort to DM me to come. I grabbed some advice and contacts for my car and look forward to making those happen. Video as promised it is 'unlisted' on YouTube so you only find it with the URL, anyone don't want it up just let me know. https://youtu.be/XbV-Ks349io Couple of shots below. See you at future events.
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    Japanese Auto Matsuri

    Well cleaned the car ready to go see you all tomorrow
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    Put me down for this
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    Japanese Auto Matsuri

    Suppose I better get polishing. Will probably meet you there
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    Insurance time of year! suggestions?

    So, basically the entire car?
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    Lmc,s build

    Looking absolutely fantastic! Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
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    Nurburgring 2018

    Sounds really cool, it's been 12 years since I've last been to the Nordschleife and I would love to go back again. I went originally in 2005, a MK1 MR2 and then in 2006 in an E36 325i, which unfortunately had shot ball joints which I didn't fully appreciate until I went out on track. It was horrible! The MR2 though was fabulous and had a lot of fun chasing friends round the track. We stayed in Briedscheid at the hotel at the half way point and did the Pinochios Italian restaurant and of course Pisten Klaus for the massively over-rated cow on a rock. A huge highlight for me was getting a ride in a friend's 996 GT3RS. Just absolutely wow, easily the best car I've ever been in, it was in another league entirely from all else on track at the time. The musuem is well worth checking out and we also had a go at karting. I never timed any of my laps round the Ring as I was there to enjoy myself and I honestly think when people time themselves they are an accident waiting to happen. As you know so much can happen round the Ring and you never know what's going to be round the next corner! Just out of interest, how much is it a lap now? When I last went it was €15. Obviously we need to have a club excursion there at some point in the future. The last two times I drove there we tied it in with a track day at Spa, which is only a couple of hours away from the Ring. Why not drive the best two tracks back to back eh?
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    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    #nofilter #outfitoftheday xoxox
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    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Nice photo Lucas! Excuse the background, this was mine yesterday - took the photo to play around with ride height in the Suspension Master app, just for fun. I need to give it a proper clean and go somewhere scenic, but even parked outside the garage I love the way it looks
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    Maurice's car

    You are doing well and the mods are coming along great, the N1s battle is shaping up nicely. J10 is not really my aim as it's more of a challenge with overall position my interest now, see what next year evolves into although I fear TSS section may be very undersubscribed.
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    Maurice's car

    He actually got 2nd in class in the TSS, beating me, so it's even better! JSS class is a bit of a nonsense as Kev is in the same class on sticky tyres. Glad you are enjoying the brakes Maurice. I didn't think they offered much of an advantage (if any at all) on such a short slow circuit as Three Sisters, but they will come into their own at Blyton Park where braking is far more of a factor.
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    Dare Wraps, Shepperton

    I just had my windows tinted this morning at Dare Wraps in Shepperton. For anyone that is interested in PPF, a colour change wrap or window tints I thoroughly recommend them! I turned up at 9 for the side and rear windows, 2.5 hours later it was finished, and the work looks excellent. The boss said they removed the 3rd brake light for easier access. The team really took their time to make it perfect, and for once I wasn't nervous about leaving them the keys. The shop is on a small industrial estate about 10 minutes drive from the Chertsey junction on the M25, and their pricing is very very good. They've done a few 86', and I'm now thinking about getting them to put a front end paint protection film on. If you are just going for windows there is a cosy little waiting room where you can watch them work or chill out, and the boss tried to drown me in tea. Totally recommended!
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    Maurice's car

    My front discs were getting quite worn and covered in cracks so I splashed out on a Reyland AP Racing brake kit a few weeks ago. I went for the AP discs, DS2500 pads and red calipers. Fitting took a little while as the weather went really bad halfway through. There's a bit of faff involved in experimenting with different amounts of shims to get the calipers lined up with the discs perfectly. I used ATE Type 200 fluid as it was bargain at £15 for a litre from Eurocarparts, and I've used it before with success. It lasts much longer than Motul RBF600 in my experience. With some help from my wife bleeding the brakes at the end got it finished in the dark and ready for Pistonheads Sunday Service at Denbies the next morning. Having tested them at a Three Sisters track day and JSS Sprint on the same circuit I'm pleased with the way they perform. No hint of fade and consistent performance lap after lap helped me push harder than before. On the sprint itself I managed to close the gap considerably on the top competitors and managed 3rd place in the J10 class which I was really pleased with.
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    Lowe's Team Grey

    So this arrived yesterday. The box was absolutely wrecked so I half expected to find it in about 3 pieces, but luckily it's OK. There's a couple of tiny imperfections if you get a magnifying glass out, but nothing I'm overly worried about. Hopefully fitting it at the weekend.
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    Hi all, This is a shout out to all owners in and around the North Staffordshire area, basically there's a small group of us Japanes car lovers who meet up once or twice a month for breakfast and a tyre kicking session at a carvery near Leek (on the outskirts of Stoke-on-Trent). If you would like to get updates as to when they are join us at https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=japfeast (stoke) Next breakfast is this bank holiday Monday
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    EBC brake pads - red or yellow?

    I went for the DS2500's in the end lol
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    Bilstein B14 coilovers - review

    I'm guessing a bit but like most of their stuff you paying 3x the price just for the name
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    You should pass with the second cat still there.
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    Japanese Auto Matsuri

    No dancing girls? Also nice video, little skid on the way out?
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    Japanese Auto Matsuri

    Thats me. Aka Helen McNeill [emoji7] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    tip for the auto

    Particularly look at the LH bush with one bolt above the other. This is a manual trans car.
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    Kelvin's Red BRZ Build

    Cheers mate, love the KW's they're not too rough for street driving but I've never tracked the car. Handles great on back roads though ha. If you buy the V3's you won't be disappointed.
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    Many thanks to Lee, Nik, Vern and Louise, and Sam for joining us today from the Drivers Club. In all, we had 12 86s and a VX220 to admire, as well as Spitfires, Bentleys and other exotica on track and in the sky. Some pics in the Pics section.
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    JDM Combe - June 2, 2018

    Circuit wants us at the stand by 9:00 am. It should take me about 2hrs (ish), but I aim to be there around 8:30ish and get noise testing done before coming to the club stand. Its only few of us, couple sweet treats already in the boot and I hope we can get a coffee either before or right after 10:45 track session. See ya there!
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    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Old ones but still my favs Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    JDM Combe - June 2, 2018

    Weather forecast looks good for a day out, dont forget the sun cream[emoji39]. Safe journey and see you tomorrow guys[emoji16]. I also booked track session, not sure yet if I would be brave enough after watching YouTube 2015 and 2016 action days at Castle Combe [emoji33]. I still have 2 extra tickets free if some one fancies a last minute decision to come over. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    East Sussex Newbie

    Hi All I am more of a lurker that a poster, but thought I'd just say Hello I've had a selection of different cars over the years and I picked up a TRD a couple of weeks ago, I'm loving the car and look forward to meeting up with some of you soon. Gratuitous Image
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    Takeda Intake For Sale

    Hello All, A used Takeda Momentum Intake kit in Carbon Fibre for sale Retails at £672.00 new £300 plus fitting if required. Regards Richard
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    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    Sure no worries. I've ordered stuff from various places such as the bonnet from Amber performance but most of my parts are from FT86 Speedfactory in the states. The only reason for this really is that once everything is said and done the overall cost is pretty much the same as it would be to order from the UK but the choice of parts they have is vastly larger. Unfortunately I can't give you specifics as my last order was a massive $1500 dollars in total, $1300 being parts, $200 being shipping/handling with DHL (it arrived from the US in 2 working days) however when all was said and done the tax/duty costs were only £140, this is due to a little bit of cheating on the invoice prices by FT86SF's part. Best example being that the mishimoto radiator fan shroud I have was from them, it cost me $273 which is roughly £205, thats £60 cheaper than companies in the UK offer it for which easily covers shipping & taxes.
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    Alucardo's 86 Road / Track

    Just a quick update regarding some driving adventures on the NC500. As you can see the scenery is stunning as where the roads. Highlight of the week was the Old military road followed by single seater experience at Knockhill. The GT86 performed amazingly well and was reliable and quick. I do have a hankering for more power mainly down to safer overtakes and the ease of power on longer runs not having to ring the car by its neck which for small periods of time is great, but does wear you down when you are doing it all day. I would like to have a good go in a Porsche Cayman/Boxster S as that seems like the next option after the GT86 or look at supercharging the GT86 as I fear a Porsche with its tall gears may not be as fun on the track. Both options I am currently exploring. The long and short of it if you get chance to drive the NC500 or variation of it you should.
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    Selection of Exhausts on Part-Box

    If you're after an Exhaust, I'm sure you can find something that suits your needs below HKS Manifolds - GT-Spec EL with a CAT / SS EL without a CAT / Super Manifold UEL Cat-Backs - Hi-Power Spec L Carbon Tips / Hi-Power Spec L Red Carbon Tips / Hi-Power Spec L Titanium Tips Legamax Premium / Legamax Sports / Legamax Sports Titanium Tips Hi-Power V2 Single Exit Front Pipe - SS Front Pipe - Catless TOMEI Manifold - EXPREME 4-1 UEL / EXPREME 4-2-1 EL Overpipe - EXPREME Front Pipe - TYPE-60 Straight cut Cat-Backs - TYPE-60S / TYPE-60R / TYPE-80 COBRA Manifold - UEL De-Cat Front Pipe - De-Cat / High Flow Cat Overpipe - Sports Overpipe Cat-Back - Resonated / Non-Resonated
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    Count me in too
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    Hello and welcome! Not so far away in Basingstoke. The '86 looks nice in blue. I see so few '86s and BRZs that it's an event when I spot one.