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    Hi All, Made our way down to Japfest yesterday, I wasn't on the club stand but swung by to take some photos and get some inspiration for my own baby. Not the greatest of conditions for pics, pretty overcast and the cars were mostly very tightly packed but here are a few of the better shots. Feel free to share them on instagram etc. if there's one of yours you like, high res versions should be downloadable on my Flickr, just click the images to get them. Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Japfest 2017 Hope you like. I'm off to agonise over wheel choices. Rich
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    Had an update from @Riceburner @RRG today, 14th July is the provisional date for my baby's return!
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    Had the full assessment and estimate through and given the go ahead to start work, vehicle is being transferred to the body shop and assuming there's no further hidden damage, I should have it back in 4-6 weeks. I'm targeting a return to form for Simply Japanese on 30th July. Not planning any upgrades as the costs of a carbon bootlid etc outweighs the OEM replacement + paint. Bill is slightly less than first thought and Rich said he'd try to keep the costs down where possible, still a hefty whack though but at least when I get it back I'll be sure it's back to full health.
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    I spent a small fortune modding my 350Z and, as expected, saw none of it back when I came to sell. So this time I'm not modding the BRZ and it's staying OEM, so really there's very little point in this thread as I'm leaving it alone. Definitely. No mods. This is how she looked after collection and a wash - stunning - if I do say so myself. Despite the modification ban, I am allowed to do maintenance and preventative maintenance. Like all addictions, it starts with a gateway item - in this case a simple cabin filter. Original was absolutely minging. Then the (I think original) wipers were looking quite smeary, so in with the Bosch. I did dabble in PIAA last time but I didn't rate their water clearing as much as the Aeros. After seeing all the posts about battery capacity leaving people stranded, I plumped for another preemptive strike - more Bosch. With a complete absence of Bluetooth it made the BRZ impractical as a work/commuter vehicle, so I decided to deal with that problem and fit a Sony headunit. I've since improved the surround finisher trim. Naturally it made good sense to fit a reverse camera at the same time, another preventive job this one. Preventing bodywork repair. Now there is not much point in being able to see out the back and not see what's up front, so I popped in a Mobius dashcam - unbeatable piece of kit at the pricepoint. The screw covers in the registration plates were unsightly and the plates were frankly awful (overlapping text, dealer advert etc) so they were recycled and new ones fitted with double sided. I also moved the rear one down a touch, as I wasn't happy with the use of negative space in the rear plate recess and it stopped it touching the reverse camera. Subaru "forgot" to include an armrest to cover the expanse of hard plastic in the centre console, so I sorted out another bit of maintenance there. Had to strap on the Captain Brave pants before drilling INSIDE the car, but manage to retain my dignity in the most part. You might have also noticed I popped in a lightning adapter for the headunit. I did initially retain the OEM USB/AUX port but I would have had to mount my phone on the dash or have unsightly cables knocking about. Another bit of forgetfulness from Subaru saw me add a Beat Sonic shark fin, as this is stock on a MY2017, it's technically more maintenance. This one was very nearly just a mod, but some of the OEM exhaust had some light surface rust, so yet more maintenance. Thanks to bildingo for the Ark GRiP - it sounds brilliant at idle and at cruise, with a nice beefiness when you get on the loud peddle. On top of that it looks superb. Slash tips are JDM yo, but I think I prefer rolled. I genuinely won't be playing around with HFCs, de-cats or the rest of the exhaust as I can't be doing with the MOT hassle and CELs I've had to deal with in the past. For reasons unknown Subaru don't have a cargo net offering for the boot, which given the way the car is meant to be driven, is a huge oversight. More maintenance required here. Picked up these self tapping fixings from fleabay. And recycled the cargo net from my 350z I have four spare fixings left over (enough for one more 4-point cargo net). If anyone wants them, please get in touch. Yours for free. Last but not least, I allowed myself one genuine mod. A club sticker. Local seagulls felt this relenting on my zero mods policy should be met with a dirty protest. I had a go at the plastic scuttle under the windscreen, which is already looking tired even with our 4 weeks of sun a year. Got a sample pot of this from a Waxybox a while back, decide to splash out on a full bottle. Very easy to apply and buff, but I won't know if it's really any good until it's lasted 6 months or so. Definitely looks the part for now. Now the bit of bad news. The dealer promised a service before I collected the car and after a week or so of nagging I got a copy of the invoice for work done (mainly for my service history). Disappointingly, the wrong grade of oil had been used and cheapo filters all round. So I splashed out on some Millers Nanodrive (I even got the right viscosity), a K&N oil filter and a Cosworth panel filter. She's now breathing better. Worryingly, the best part of 10 litres of the olive oil the previous servicer used came out. I believe the correct capacity with an oil filter is 5.4L? I had checked the dipstick at collection but it was only showing a splash over full! Needless to say I'm glad the wrong grade was used, as that convinced me to drop it out, so it was only over full for a short while. Slack work though from "professionals", the sump plug and oil filter were only touch tight as well - GRRRRR. That's me for now, only maintenance and preventative maintenance from here on in. With that in mind, I've got a paint correction booked with a local detailer in a couple of weeks. I need to know what glaze the dealer valet used because it did an incredible job of hiding a truck load of swirls and random deep scratches. Soon to be perfect though
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    I've been meaning to post some pic of my audio install. Rather than write an essay I will be brief with lots of pictures. Aim of the system was light and competition level sound quality. I used CLD, Egg box foam and 3M thinsulate to sound deaden. The latter two are very very light. I added 6kg of CLD total. I decided pretty quickly to have a front and sub with a fully active setup. Pioneer Headunit with DSP and crossovers built in and 3 amplifiers; a two channel for tweeters, a two channel for mid/bass and a single channel for sub. The two front amps fit under the drivers and passenger seat. The sub amp goes in the back mounted to the sub box on isolation feet. Doors were damped with CLD, sealed to make air tight as possible and foamed to prevent rattles. Speakers mounted on MDF baffles treated to seal them from water damage. I also added sound deadening to rear arches which made a world of difference. System Spec DEH-80PRS Headunit Genesis Profile 2 for Tweeters (under passenger seat) Genesis Profile 4 bridged to drive the mid/bass (Under Driver Seat) Genesis Profile Sub for the Sub (boot) Morel Virtus 602 component fronts Peerless XLS 10 4ohm subwoofer Van Damme Pro Audio Blue Speaker Cable (2.5mm for mid/bass and Sub, 1.5mm for tweeters) Van Damme Pro Audio Instrument cable with Brass Gold plated RCA connetors CCA 4AWG and 8AWG power cable Here is a ton of pictures. The headunit Dash in pieces fitting the Microphone for the bluetooth phone calls. Surround was glued together and covered Filled Next up - The Battery Installed an AGM battery for better voltage regulation The Doors Damped with CLD and added some Egg box foam inside Sealed to make as air tight as possible Whole door covered in closed cell foam Speaker baffle with acoustic foam to protect the back of the speaker from water behind the speaker Tweeter in the dash The Amps I forgot to take a pic of the passenger side but here is the drivers side for the mid bass (its bridged Genesis Profile 4) The Sub Sub enclosure is a hybrid MDF and Fiberglass molded to the base of the boot and bolted down using the spare wheel anchor and screwed to a bit of MDF glue the panel at the back. Sizing it up ready to fibreglass curing Made the top and test fitted the sub and Grill covered amp mounted on isolation supports installed in car Finally some addition sound deadening to block some road noise Layer of CLD to reduce panel resonance and two layer of 3M thinsulate This is the best place to start with sound deadening. Reduced road noise massively. So there it is. Hope you like it. Any questions please ask away. Cheers
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    Hi All, Just a reminder for existing owners and information for the new,we provide a comprehensive range of services for the Gt86/BRZ owner. Apart from the Usual Service, warranty,Repairs,sales,part sales,MOT test facilities of a Toyota OEM Dealer,we can also offer a comprehensive modification service. We are an official Tein Dealer ; supply and fit http://www.tein.co.uk/srch/uk_search.php?maker=TOYOTA&carmodel=GT86&modelyear=default&item=default Cobra Exhaust Dealer http://cobrasport.com/index.php/cobra-sport-exhaust/toyota/gt86.html We also have the latest Hunter alignment equipment to offer full suspension set up and scales for corner weighting. We have a trading partnership with Fensport performance and can offer to supply/Fit most items they provide.(Apart from Forced induction & mapping) If you would like to contact me on 01625 869900 or email richard.mckay@rrg.toyota.co.uk I can arrange quotes and bookings for your requirements. Many Thanks for Reading RRG Macclesfield Toyota (Your Mod Friendly Dealer) http://www.rrg-group.com/toyota/dealerships/macclesfield/ 16 Hibel Road Macclesfield Cheshire SK102AB
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    Check out number 8 https://www.buzzfeed.com/tieece/top-adrenaline-pumping-hobbies-you-can-start-today-2il4i?utm_term=.tbgveLX65#.nnB36l4AG
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    So here they are and I am very pleased with them. Only done 25 miles on them but the tyres that came with the wheel do seem ti be way better than the mismatched lot I had on the stocks. Turn in is noticeably sharper.
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    OZ Formula HLT 18x8 with 225/40/18 Eagle F1 Assy3. Each wheel/tyre weighs 19.0 kg against OEM 17", on same scales, at 18.4 kg
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    Had a drive out in the car last week whilst we had a short period of hot weather. It was one of them good drives where the road are empty, it was dry and the sun was setting. Nice sunset shot below.
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    Should have a bit of an update soon. But for now, here's a teaser
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    Two weeks through France and Spain in my Giallo starts tomorrow. I'll be posting pics each day on my blog if you're interested. http://beambreaking.wordpress.com All the best, Bob
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    Got my car tuned a bit today. Wrote it up on my blog - http://wp.me/pRcdo-1cQ All the best Bob
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    I've been speaking to @lucasruss and he and the team at Co-ordsport have kindly offered to host the next Midlands meet as a Co-ordsport open day on Sunday 30/07/17. The day would begin around 10am and, wether permitting, there'll be a BBQ, some parts displays, the Cosworth 86 to have a look at and a chance to get an insight into what Co-ordsport do and can offer for the 86/BRZ. Parking limits attendance to around 50 cars maximum so please get your name down if you're interested in coming along. Their address is:- Unit 1, Cleton Street, Dudley. DY47TR. 1. Deacon 2. Will300 3. Keethos
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    TE37s with Rota stickers?
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    Yes - £16,000. Including all spares. Thanks Nick. I shall still be around - there may be snow on the roof but there's still a smouldering ember in the cellar . . Spec K
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    Hey I thought I would start a thread for my TRD. I think I am going to name her Amy. Not too sure yet though. She is stock at the moment, I currently don't have any plans for her apart from getting the stone chips sorted (I know the paint is a bit thin!) and getting a new set of shoes for her and maybe better brake pads...... Here is my first ever picture of her I spent most of the day detailing/cleaning her after work today, she has now come out like so I also have managed my first scratch....., I reversed a bit too close to a family members car. It's pretty deep. I am getting it fixed very very soon though! Apologies for the rubbish pictures my phone is super old and the camera is really bad, the photos do not do it justice! I don't think I will mod her at all for the time being I have no need to. Although in the far future I would like to improve as a driver and do track days. I really look forward to meeting you guys at events and being part of the stand mostly though! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like it.
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    More photos today from Rich, she's starting to take shape again...
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    Had a great drive out this morning couple of slight issues with my GPS. And Macclesfield mcdonalds but otherwise great roads mostly empty. Dry for most of the route with rain at the end through Castleton. Stopped half way for a mini photo shoot to Will probably organise a similar event for September as there is no Tss.
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    Might be interested... There is a club signup too, with 8 free tickets and goodybags!! I want a goodybag! I bet it has a lolly in it, I want a lolly. "Exhaust Sound Competitions - Free Entry for Ticket holders" @Ztox You better enter Edit: Never mind, goodybags are before a certain date. I'll have to make an appointment for my local doctors just to get lolly's now.
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    I run these pads in my TSS sprint GT86, results speak for themselves. But as I drive a good distance to venues they certainly are fine on the road, so a thumbs up from me. Just need matching rears from PFC and the cake will be iced
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    Covers a turbo based on that pic
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    Picked up my 14' TRD today. I am in love. This car is so fun and you can enjoy it all within legal speeds! I am so glad I bought this. Now I actually see the hype. It's just so responsive and everything feels right. The only downside is my contacts won't sync with bluetooth and the stock speakers are a bit meh.
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    Here is a photo of the car! I am really having fun. Just gotta fit my dash cam and get some mats then I am sorted!
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    Just to update on that. It turned out to be loose connector for one of the sensor. It wasn't clipped properly. All okay now.
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    Hey fellas, not posted here before but thought I'd see if anyone else is over in le Mans, taken the 86 over been ab epic trip so far. They have shut down mad friday tho which is a shame! Not seen another UK 86 here yet. Few pics to show off the livery!
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    2.5 years ago i bought a 62 plate GT86 with in Silver 50k on the clock. I wanted a change and to be a bit different, plus i live in a city centre (Norwich) so i went for an Auto. Usually I'd avoid AT on most cars but I heard this box was actually pretty good with intelligent down shifting and whatnot. I paid 15k in the end (only 6k over original car budget). The car was advertised much cheaper than all the others at the time due to mileage, so the perfect culprit for a project build. The car also had a good service record (RRG Macclesfield & Bolton) and no initial issues besides an exhaust rattle that was fixed at 10k miles. As this would be my first build i did a lot of reading up on the car and various mods, and spent a good amount of time with it stock so that i could get to know the vehicle as a daily, and decide whether i was happy with my decision before i put any money into it! Flash forward one year and i had my first full service to take care of. Thanks to lurking on these forums and reading up about their race car, i then decided to pay the guys at Fensport a visit, only an hour down the road so would be rude not to . I had the service done with no issues, turns out this was the first time they had done a 60k service, so i was delighted to be the guinea pig! Everything went without a hitch. All the guys are super friendly and enthusiastic. First impressions is this is how a business should be run! I discussed with them my plan for NA tuning + FD mod. Also opted for the HKS panel filter and HKS spark plugs for the service. All good stuff! The plan now was as follows: 4.67 FD, manifold, remap and license. - FD for torque/improved 0-60 - Remap + HKS EL catless manifold to address the torque dip - Suspension to improve stability and handling This is the arguably the best bang-for-buck option and should be the go-to for anybody who wants a relatively low cost transformation. The next step was going to be new wheels, rubber and suspension. Happy with the service and eager to do more, we booked in the above for a couple months time, but unfortunately i had some personal issues pop up and we had to cancel . Turns out i would not get around to doing anything with the car until 2017! February: During February i decide to start looking around again for wheels as i can't stand the OEM any longer, that and I'd need wider rubber for more power in future anyway. Granted Silver is not a popular car color choice but it actually has potential to look really clean if you pair it with the right wheels & mods. This is by no means an easy task, anything glossy outside of black clashes in my opinion and most colors/finishes just don't sit right. Black is also just a little too dark in contrast to the silver imo and looks better on a black or grey car. After plenty of poking around i realize that I'm pretty much limited to Matte Gray, Gunmetal could in theory be an alternative option but can look cheap and tacky on some wheels in my opinion (Rota). I also saw a some forgestar in a dark midnight blue that looked really mean with a silver BRZ, so that color might be an option some day if i get bored. After a fair few restless nights browsing wheels and fitments i stumble across this on the usa forums: Gram Lights 57C6 18x9.5 +40 'Matte Graphite' Just what i was looking for. Looks like he decision has been made. However, i contacted the UK distributor only to find that these have been discontinued! I then spend a good couple weeks (!) poking around and come across a small lesser-known company in the USA and look what they have: Vordoven Forme 6 18x95 +38! There is a god! A very cruel one who will later sting me roughly £500 on shipping and fees . Although i decided it was worth it when i stumbled across a thread where a guy tried out four different made in usa 'replica' wheels over the course of a year and voted these to be the best by a long shot and turns out the weight isn't far off the Rays either, practically the same in fact. Also no cheap Taiwanese jobby here so i was sold. March: Wheels & Yokohama Advan Sport V105 245/35 square setup are ready to go on. Luckily I managed to take this all to the fitting place in one trip! As you can see below four new tyres and wheels of this size will only just fit in the car. TA-DA! All balanced and fitted by the guys at STS Tyre pros in Norwich, doesn't it look fresh. I can confirm that this size and offset will only just fit without rubbing on stock suspension, if it wasn't for the mild tyre stretch the front would most definitely rub against the spring. Also worth noting that the wheel caps actually match the color of the body paint too which is a nice touch. April: Suspension time.. So i did a lot of research here- I wanted a nicely balanced & silent coilover setup for fast road & track at a reasonable price. I also wanted a mono-tube damper setup rather than a twin tube, plenty of details online between the pros and cons for both types. The Tein Flex A was my second choice as it was a twin tube. I ended up opting for a set of MeisterR ZetaCRD+ mono-tube dampers and an Eibach rear LCA kit. If you want to go a little more track-focused then heavy duty anti-roll bars would compliment this setup very well, and i will be doing so in good time. So with these coilovers the spring rate is a bit more sensible than that of other popular solutions. With front at 5kg/mm, rear 4kg/mm These are designed to be a good fast road setup with enough damping adjustment for occasional track day use. Front top mount is spherical bearing with camber adjustments. The rear top mount is rubber insulated press steel to reduce possible road noise. These are 32 stage damping adjustable mono-tube dampers (compression & rebound combined). The spring rates of the ZetaCRD+ come out at 5/4 is because of the vehicle dynamic calculation that they do. On the GT86, when you are on the low end of spring rates for fast road, a 5/5 setup is a bit too close between the front and the rear so you could hit a harmonic frequency. The choice then is either 5/4, or 6/5. So they opted for the 5/4 in the end because it suits the requirements of a balanced fast road & track car better. Pictures of them fitted on the car below, 5mm pre-load at the rear and id say 35-40mm drop all round, i would not go lower as i've already had a few scrapes on speed bumps . Camber at approx -1.5 all round definitely gives the desired aesthetic (yes i do need SS lines). : It has totally transformed the ride! Tight, responsive, nimble and composed through the twisties. Feels like a totally different car in many respects now, the grip is insane on NA but doesn't feel bogged down at all once aligned correctly. For those worried about running a desired 9.5J aesthetic due to weight, just do it. I read a really informative article where different sizes and weights were tested and there was literally a couple tenths of a second difference on a track at most, and i know that most of you wont be building a fully stripped out race car ;). I'm running damping at 18 clicks from soft front and rear, 16 was a little too soft. Even though it is stiffer and lower I find the ride to be just as comfortable as stock in my opinion. Everything that I was told was correct, these are the coilovers to go for if you want to upgrade for occasional track without sacrificing too much comfort on the road. Thoroughly impressed. If you have any further questions be sure to hit up Jerrick at MeisterR, he knows his stuff. Coming Soon: FI and more!
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    Having removed all the glaze hiding the myriad swirls all over my mica blue paint, I bit the bullet and took her to local a professional - http://www.autoshineblackpool.co.uk - I'm very pleased with the results and obviously can't resist some glamour shots to show her off. Hope you don't mind the self indulgence.And a few reflection shots as well.One last glamour one.
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    Hi, and thank you for allowing us to join your forum :-) A lot of you will have already dealt with us in the past or know who we are, but for those of you that don't, or don't know what we do, as small intro for you : Amber Performance have been trading for 20 years now, and has grown bigger and better every year. We are now established as one of the major suppliers of aftermarket tuning products in the UK. We are the sole exclusive UK distributors for A'pexi, APR Performance, and Seibon Carbon. We are also the main UK dealer for Agency Power Perrin Performance and Tomei Powered. Along with these brands we are major UK dealers for AeroCatch, Cosworth, Milltek, Mishimoto, Samco Sport Tein and Takata to name but a few. All these brands have a huge and varied range of products available for the BRZ & GT86, but you can see the full range we can offer on our website. Here is a link to the specific section dedicated to the GT86 and BRZ : http://www.amber-performance.co.uk/section.php?xSec=8407&xPage=1 have a look round the site......its far from complete, but its being worked on all the time. and let me know your thoughts. If you are on Facebook, please go and like our page for even more info on us and the products we can offer, and from time to time we run competitions to win free stuff: https://www.facebook.com/AmberPerformance Tomorrow we are collecting our new demo car, we opted for Grey......but im sure it wont be staying that colour for long, with the plans we have for it ! We look forward to being part of this growing community, and please do get in touch if you think we can help you out in any way. best regards James Business Manager
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    Looks like you weren't the only one needing more downforce
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    So just bought the brake upgrade package (EBC Yellows front and rear, HEL Braided lines and uprated fluid) from @Mike@TD.co.uk. Keen to feel the difference in initial bite/brake feel and have some fade resistance on track, in time for PHSS Silverstone!
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    Hello guys! A little update. We will have over 100 different parts for 86's available for sale on the day. All at discounted rates for you. Coffee, tea and water will be free, a BBQ is a maybe, depends on the weather. I see we should have more than 20 people coming, which is good! We are still in the process of getting the Cosworth 86 down here, so fingers crossed. Other than that, on behalf of Coordsport / Part-Box team, we all hope you'll enjoy our first social meet hosted at our UK HQ. http://coordsport.com/co-ordsport-toyota-gt86-meet-open-day/
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    Mine's the Mi20 kit with the 6kg/6kg spring rates
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    Yea thanks for the most inappropriate reply possible. The price is on the advert, maybe pay more attention to that or the road than perving on my Mrs. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    I think it's always an issue if the finance company find out, don't forget till it's paid off its their car not yours. (Assuming PCP or HP). I would guess reversible mods like wheels etc if you keep stock parts would be less likely to lead to problems but I exspect if they wanted they could still end the agreement as it's no doubt in small print. Best option in terms of modding is a personal loan as not linked to car.
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    Well, it's all on and I picked the car up. Richard had even called me the day before to tell me how good it was. He even said it's the best GT86 he has ever driven! Well that set the expectations high! So what did I have done. Well firstly Gary at RRG Macc' installed a full polybush kit including subframe inserts on the car. My car has done 100K miles so I thought there must be some wear in the bushes. Here's what the box looks like and it was a full box indeed: Super Pro Poly bushes by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr Gary kindly sent me some pics of work in progress. Love RRG for this kind of thing. Poly bush and SPL install by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr In the picture you can see all the bushes installed to the suspension arms and you can also see the beautiful works of art that are the SPL rear lower arms. These things are the kind of parts that you get out of the box just so you can touch them. They are beautifully machined out of billet aluminium and the adjuster bolts are titanium with a steel 'rose' jointed ends where they bolt to the subframe. Expensive? Yes, very but just so lovely. Perhaps a little surprisingly even the bushes on the steering rack are replaced. Weirdly there were no bushes for the anti-roll bars so I will stick that on the list of additional things to do. Poly bush and SPL install by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr Here's a pic of them on the car: Poly bush and SPL install by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr During the installation Richard kept me updated on progress. It turns out that the part number for the one of the bushes is wrong and this means the pin has a smaller inside diameter so it won't fit. But don't worry this wasn't a problem as such. Gary took them home and had a quick run through on his lathe just to increase the inside diameter slightly so the bolts would go through. Then there was another slight glitch as the spherical bushings on the hub were found to have play. Richard told me that Gary wasn't happy installing them back on due to the play. He added that it's likely wear but given how much pressure they needed with the press they could have been damaged when they were removed. He couldn't get new spherical bushes overnight, but he could get the complete hub assembly. So RRG kindly replaced both sides so I have new hubs including new bushes on the rear of the car! How's that for service? The car was in for three days and also had it's 100K service whilst there which is just a full service. I also had two new rear tyres, Yoko Advan V105 as usual which had been put aside for me a month earlier for when I needed them. The car was at RRG for three days, it would have been two if it weren't for the hub issue. Poly bush and SPL install by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr I picked the car up on my birthday, how very fitting. Richard was keen for me to test it and it was a shame I had to go into work. I really should have taken the day off, but never mind. The first thing I noticed was just how tight the car felt. No slack, no give, nothing. It felt more precise than when I drove it off the forecourt as a new car. Any fears people had about it being noisier were unfounded. It was already a bit noisy on poor road surfaces with solid top mounts due to the coilovers and I've not noticed it being any noisier. But what about how it handles? Well in my commute I have a lovely test corner, namely being the slip road to Manchester Airport eastbound on the M56. I usually drive in Sport mode but noticed that the stability control seemed to be cutting in more. I now realise this was the new rear tyres of course. But in all honesty I'm bored of it's interfering nannying nature so I just decided to turn it off all the time now, no more getting in the way, no more spoiling my fun! What I can say is that the car is now just so accurate, everything is pin sharp and the feedback is of course better too. I can report on the slip road that I have increased my maximum by 4km/h, all significant things. But really it's made a car with 100K miles on the clock feel like it's never ever been better. I just love it. The only slight error I made was not getting aftermarket and longer track rods as this has limited the camber on the rear to 1.75 degrees instead of the 2 degrees I wanted. Small details though a quarter of a degree is quite a small amount when you think about it. 7 July 2017 Geo setup GT86 by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr So, I'm very happy with how the car is feeling, it's a very worthwhile mod and excellent service from RRG Macclesfield as always. But, I wasn't finished yet. The following week I took my car up to see Mike at Tuning Developments for the obligatory now it seems, equal length manifold paired with a resonated TD exhaust system and subsequent remap. Yes I was having fun with my car's 100K presents. Warrington early on a Thursday morning: GT86- Manifold and Exhaust by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr The car was with Mike and Nick for the day and as I work only four miles away in the town centre it worked out pretty well. Here's a pic of the exhaust pipe after the manifold: GT86- Manifold and Exhaust by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr I fully expect this looks familiar to many! My Milltek is now no longer on my car: GT86- Manifold and Exhaust by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr GT86- Manifold and Exhaust by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr And finally the important bit because short of crawling under the car the important bit is the printout from the dyno of course of a before and after. Note the big difference in torque in the mid range which shows the difference the manifold makes: GT86- Manifold and Exhaust by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr Don't forget my car all ready had a decat and remap, induction kit, so I was never going to get huge peak gains and to be fair my car has always produced good power making 201bhp just with a decat and induction kit pre-remap. But, this is good power for an engine with a hundred thousand miles on the clock and is on a par with what others are making with the same mods which is pretty much all of the top of N1 Class in TSS! On the road it's the torque you notice the most. Where there was previously a dip there now is a peak. You notice this the most in the lower gears but also it's right at that acceleration point around 80mph on the motorway which is helpful when you want to pull into another lane to overtake on the motorway. The engine feels that little bit eager too. It's subtle, but obvious if that makes sense? I honestly think it's one of the best mods you can do with that manifold, it just widens the power band further and when you look closely at the graph you'll see I've gained nearly 40lbft just under 4000rpm. Also it's interesting to see the brake horsepower gains in that important mid range between 3500-4500rpm which is dead handy on the road. The gains further up the rev range are less of course but still there. It's like the car has had a new lease of life for it's second hundred thousand miles ahead! On Tuesday the 18th July after just over four and a half years of ownership I clocked that magical one hundred thousand miles. This is a significant event in a car's life for sure and the first time I've had a car where I've done all those miles myself. Some achievement. I'll write up a special post of the history for this one I think as it not something that happens often. What's great is that I still look forward to getting in the car everytime I go to drive it. 100K miles on the odometer GT86 by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr
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    Chipex for me it's the best you will get unless you have wider areas painted
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    I have tried various in the back, surprisingly EBC yellows work well and are quiet.
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    We are now in a position to offer Air con regasses on GT86 at £99.00 inc vat.
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    I've been working through a few bulbs recently, these are what I've fitted so far: Front & Rear Indicators - Bulbs http://www.hids-direct.co.uk/xtec-585-wy21w-chrome-amber-indicator-capless-wedge-bulbs/ Reverse - LEDs https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01LX8OQEN/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 These are on order, I hope they will fit: Boot Interior & Plate - LEDs https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00I798TKO/ref=pe_3187911_185740111_TE_item List from the manual below:
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    It'll be Monday as on-call this weekend. But no, cannot wait.
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    BANHAMMER! I'm in Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 if it's of any help to you @Collateral feel free to PM me as I do detailing on the side. I'm fully booked up until 2nd week of august though. For some reason i've got busy all of a sudden.
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    Still looking good for this weekend last I heard.
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    Putting up for sale my Sprintex 210+ Intercooled Supercharger (Will be putting pictures up tonight @Lauren ) Looking for £2600, it's been on my car for about 2.5 years and hasn't played up once. The only reason i'm selling it is I could do with the money right now and i'm looking at going for a more suitable track solution. This kit can get a bit toasty on a warm day but none the less has always performed well on track also. It will come with everything that comes off the car which should in theory mean it's good to be fitted Currently has a 70mm Raceseng pulley fitted but I will supply the standard pulley also. With the 70mm pulley it's producing 260HP at the Hubs. Currently fitted still but will remove after a 50% deposit.
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    You paid attention then It was a tree....
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    Nice lil meet, besides the slow ass drivers, some nice roads down the Snooty and the food there was pretty good. Thanks Dan for organising this and it was good chatting to everyone! My quick snap from the meet. Sent from my EDI-AL10 using Tapatalk
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    Haha my other half used to play it daily but no time anymore with work, so he should have lost his rank by now Anyway nowadays we're more of a MOBA household, Smite for me & Paragon for him. We tried getting into Assetto Corsa but it's absolutely garbage without a wheel xD play a bit of Forza Horizon 3 on xbox every now and then as well. Had no idea there were so many gamers in the club, that's awesome
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    I managed to bag these at the weekend, Volk TE37 17x7.5 et48 with Pirelli Dragons (I have no idea) showing a very good amount of tread. I have ordered the wheel nuts but I am struggling to find spigot rings to fit. I believe with my inaccurate measuring stick that the bore on these wheels are 65.1mm. Can anybody recommend a supplier and brand of ring? I know the offset isn't great but will sort that out at a later date. Many thanks to @Lauren for guiding me thought this whole Rays thing.
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    I've just taken an Ark Grip off, will be popping it up for sale next couple of days. Sounded great, but was just too loud for me with a TD UEL manifold.