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    I’m just cutting up my credit card to stop me spending...
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    Ade's Road and Track Toy

    Cosworth Sump Plate/Baffle I picked up a Cosworth sump plate baffle in part box bank holiday discounts. Its very nice piece with baffle plates that stick up into the engine to help reduce breather oil pickup. It has a total of 10 trap doors to ensure oil can return quickly to the sump but being very soft and flexible they close fast and seal nicely to stop oil pouring away from the pickup on long high G corners. The plan eventually to run slick tyres. Here some picture of the install:
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    Marks Mods

    Well I finally got around to tinkering with the old bumper, trd front end and fiberglass. At the moment it's off having a grill made for it.
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    Hi all, We've decided to run a couple of offers this year for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday theme. Offers will go live on the 24th November, and will run until the 27th November. Deposits to secure the special pricing are with each offer, deposits are non-refundable so that we may sort parts out in advance. Deposits must be made before the end of the 27th November to secure an offer. Any works are then to be booked in between December 1st 2017 and January 31st 2018 Offer 1 : Tuning Developments NA Naturally Aspirated Tuning Package & Install A popular package with folk, proven to transform a daily driven GT86 or BRZ, right through to taking trophies on the racetrack with the likes of @Lauren, @KevinA and Tomas Included in the package for those that are unaware: 'Before' Dyno Run Session Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold - Equal Length Only For This Special Price Stainless Steel Overpipe Titanium Heatwrap FA20 Cylinder To Manifold Gaskets Exhaust Manifold Gaskets Overpipe Gaskets K&N Drop In Air Filter ECUTeK License Fee In-House Custom Remap Session On The Dyno Incorporating The Excellent RaceROM Suite 'After' Dyno Run Session Incorporated With Remap This package already has a very healthy discount on it online @ £1495.00 - However! For Black Friday/Cyber Monday we are offering this for just £1289.00 inc VAT! Deposit of £189.00 is payable to secure the deal, and booking in before the end of January 2018 to complete. On top of this deal, anyone taking the above package and also takes one of our CAT Back Exhaust systems, will benefit from a further 10% off the exhaust cost and take advantage of free fitting too For clarity that would make the package with resonated CAT Back exhaust just £1807.40. To book in, or with any questions - please contact me via PM via this forum, email me on Mike@tuningdevelopments.co.uk or give me a call on 01925 822 266. Offer 2: Tuning Developments Stage 1 Turbo Kit & Install Full details on the kit itself can be found online here: http://www.tuningdevelopments.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=502_625_852&products_id=2366 A quick rundown! Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold - Equal Length Only For This Special Price Uppipe with external wastegate takeoff TiAL MVR 44m External Wastegate Precision CEA Billet Turbo 3" Downpipe Intercooler piping Intercooler core Oil feed line Modified sump pan for oil return Air Filter Turbo blanket Heat wrap ECUTeK License Fee In-House Custom Remap Session On The Dyno Incorporating The Excellent RaceROM Suite Fits with stock exhaust system, although we recommend aftermarket for power gains Fits with stock radiator and cooling fans This is currently on our website and this forum for £4495.00 inc VAT as a true roll-in, roll-out service. However! For Black Friday/Cyber Monday we are offering this for just £4195.00 inc VAT! Deposit of £400.00 is payable to secure the deal, and booking in before the end of January 2018 to complete. On top of this deal, anyone taking the above package and also takes one of our Overpipes, Second Decat and CAT Back Exhaust systems, will benefit from a further 10% off the individual exhaust component cost and take advantage of free fitting too For clarity: Overpipe - £165.00 down to £148.50 Second Decat - £183.00 down to £164.70 Resonated CAT Back Exhaust - £576.00 down to £518.40 OR! Take ALL 3 exhaust parts above for just £799.00 with FREE fitting. That's £4994.00 for a Stage 1 Turbo install kit installed with a full exhaust system! To book in, or with any questions - please contact me via PM via this forum, email me on Mike@tuningdevelopments.co.uk or give me a call on 01925 822 266. Offer 3: BC Racing BR Series Coilover Install As used on our own GT86, we are offering a further discount for a supply, install and alignment basis of the BC Racing BR Series coilover kits. We currently offer these for £999.00 inc VAT, we will offer these for just £899.00, supplied, fitted and aligned! Deposit of £99.00 is payable to secure the deal, and booking in before the end of January 2018 to complete. To book in, or with any questions - please contact me via PM via this forum, email me on Mike@tuningdevelopments.co.uk or give me a call on 01925 822 266. Many thanks to all of our customers for another successful and 86/BRZ packed year Thanks Mike
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    Brake upgrades - discs/pads?

    Thanks for all the info on fluid and stuff. Just ordered the kit from Brummie land. Should be landing at RRG for Friday or Monday. Reckon I'll try 5.1 then and see how I go which Richard should be able to get for me.
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    Lauren's GT86 100K miles and onwards

    You should be thanking me and @Ade for those brakes. So much better than the stock ones.
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    ECU Connect App

    Been playing with the app recently. They are continually updating it and it now has Dashboards, basically gauges, which can be setup and customised and with logging speeds the same or better than standard ProECU on the laptop. This makes it much easier to use and a world away from using Torque etc. Anyway, below are a couple of themes that I have been testing/creating over the last week. For reference these are on a Google Pixel, different size screens like tablets/iPads etc allow for different configurations. Futuristic I'd seen a similar one for the GTR so this was my 1st attempt. GT86 You can have multiple screens on one theme that increases the logging parameters and accessed by swiping across, as seen here. Gazoo Racing Bye bye TRD, GR are the new official tuning arm of Toyota. Abbey Motorsport Thought I'd do one for my favourite garage too.
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    Lauren's GT86 100K miles and onwards

    It's been a few months since the last update, but my latest addition to my car is a set of AP Racing 4 Pot calipers with 330mm grooved discs. How this came about was in part due to a recent track day I did at Oulton Park. Whilst attempting the 'Island bend 100mph challenge', it became brutally apparent that stopping in time for Shell Oils Hairpin was a growing concern. I've been running stock brakes with Project Mu HC800 pads. These are actually pretty good, having a really nice level of feel to them, but I was murdering them on track. Now, I'm not the last of the late brakers, but I really like to trail brake which requires a consistent and good feel from the brakes and they do actually need to work. I was finding that after two or three laps they were really struggling and well, not sounding that good. All said and done I felt I was going over the limit for what was achievable with a stock setup. I admit there was big part of me thinking just how good the car would be if I had brakes that could take a bit more heat and provide a greater level of consistency whilst on the track. I'd also noted when sprinting that I felt like I was just killing the brakes. Whilst it's only one flyer of a lap, you tend to brake later to try and save a few hundredths of a second absolutely anywhere you can. So, I went away and had a think about it. The only thing really that was putting me off, was the price. They seemed to come out at £2K+ which is a lot of money. I thought about the cheaper alternatives, like K-Sport with their seemingly over engineered 8 pot setup. Willwood also do a 4 Pot setup for around £1K. But again whilst I've heard nothing bad about Willwood, racing teams don't tend to use them. I didn't consider shite like D2 and all that, but still I was put off by K-Sport being a sub-premium brand and well it came down to the AP's and Brembos but they were even more expensive. It was only after posing the question to the forum that got the link to Reyland Motors who did an AP 4 pot setup with their supplied discs. This brought the price down to a far more appealing £1500. Still a lot of money and yes it is. But my thinking with my car is that I'm careful about how I modify it and when I do it, I only want to do it once. I don't want to mess around endlessly swopping parts and inevitably wasting money in the process. I admit, though, I'm quite good at talking myself into stuff. There were a few options on the Reyland site, see; http://www.reyland.co.uk/subaru-impreza/ what with for another £250 you can have AP discs to really go for it, or for £150 you can having floating discs which expand more freely than a fixed disc to the bell. But having considered my usage, I felt that it was key to get the AP 4 pots and well I can always upgrade to a floating disc setup or go full AP on the discs in the future should I wish. Something to note, you have to call Reyland using a phone, you can't order online, so it was slightly unsettling to hand over £1500 on my card with no email confirmation or anything! It's what we used to do, but it's feels odd after years of just clicking the mouse and getting your order details instantly. I naturally chose Toyota RRG Macclesfield to do the work and I knew the Master himself, Gary would be doing the work and I knew he'd really enjoy doing it. Stuff like this matters. Here's what the calipers looked like out of the box: Image 17-11-2017 at 22.02 by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr Discs wrapped up: IMG_5049 by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr The kit came with braided brake lines, all bolts needed, CNC aluminium mounting bracket to fit the calipers to the hubs and Ferodo DS 2500 pads which are a street/track type pad: IMG_5049 by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr Gary got on with the install. Richard commented that one of the mounting brackets didn't have it's thread tapped properly. No problem though, Gary got out his tap and die and sorted it. It's for reasons like this I use RRG Macc. Gary sent me pics on Facebook of progress: 23621988_1774765709209175_2878800822716104916_n by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr Here's the caliper mounted with the disc. Looking good. I went for black calipers as they were cheaper than red and wouldn't clash with my red wheels: 23621988_1774765709209175_2878800822716104916_n by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr Setup on the car when I picked it up. Note the colour of the discs. IMG_5049 by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr Richard kindly lent me his 2017 Clubsport GT86. It hasn't been leant to anyone else before which was noted when they were doing the loan car agreement! It's interesting to drive the newer version in stock form to compare to mine. IMG_5049 by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr I was really interested to what the car felt like on the drive home, but it was in rush hour traffic, so no heavy braking at all. It felt good, pedal pressure is a little reduced, though I was recalibrating myself after driving the demonstrator which felt different from my brakes did and were a bit more grabby on initial bite than my previous Project Mu's. I decided to after rush hour had subsided to bed the brakes in. I took the car out on a national speed limit dual carriageway and started to heat the brakes by braking firmly at around 60mph and repeated this around 15 times. The instructions say to use 50% of the braking power and repeat 25-30 times. Seems like quite a lot. I then moved onto increasing my speed and braking harder and harder another 20 times or so. It's definitely not an efficient way to drive! I did this until I could smell the brakes and then I knew I was done. The brakes felt a bit glassy when I started but I could really feel them starting to bite greatly improving the stopping of the car once I'd done 20 runs or so. I stopped at the local Shell and as you can see the discs have gone a bit blue. This shows that the pad material has transferred to the disc and increases the friction. IMG_5057 by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr I've driven the car for work today covering about 50 miles which is pretty average for a day. No real hard braking. I've noticed that initial bite when cold is better than the Project Mu's, but probably similar to what the demonstrator GT86 I had felt like. Except the progression was better which made it very easy to modulate. I'm really interested in how much feel I will get out when on the track and how repeatable it will be. Certainly in town driving there is no fuss, the brakes work well but just feel a bit 'stronger' than stock brakes. The real test will come when I'm out on track at Oulton Park on the 9th December. I am rather looking forward to it.
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    I went from Tomei to TD, look at this
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    Wheel Advice

    Can't beat a brand new set of Rays though. Lots of leaflets full of Japanese writing you've no hope of understanding, mmmm.
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    No problem had some great results with them, you need to size the tyres accordingly and you gain grip vs nimbleness. Horses for courses I guess.
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    Suspension Settings

    Fronts: set the camber bolts at the front to ass much as you can. I like a little toe out (0.05) to turn in feel. Rears: go for the same camber as the fronts. Tad of toe in for high speed stability. Job done
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    HKS SS Front Pipe 2.5"

    I know what Lucas has done. I asked about one of these a couple days ago..... so he done this to temp me in. Its a conspiracy to get me divorced.
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    Locked out of car

    So, the other week I got locked out of my 86. It was a bit of a perfect storm of circumstances, and I put this here as a tale of experience so hopefully it will serve as a timesaver for someone who finds themselves in the same situation in the future... So a bit of context. Car was parked on an incline, with the nose raised - this meant the doors were wanting to close with the aid of gravity. I'd unlocked the car, but mistakenly only pressed unlock once, rather than twice to do both doors. I opened the drivers door, put my wallet/phone/keys on the drivers seat leaving the door open, then went around to open the passenger door for my sons, so we can start the game of trying to get a 5 year old into the back seat! As I got to the passenger door and tried to open it, the drivers door started to close of its own accord. It stopped on the first part of the 'latch', i.e half open. I tried to open the passenger door and found it was locked. I went back to the drivers door and to my horror found that the door would not open. The window was still slightly retracted, but the door handle would not engage and so the door wouldn't open. Even more annoying was that I was blocking someone in... A friend and I got a piece of packaging banding, made a loop and managed to hook the interior door handle. However, despite being able to fully retract the handle the door would still not open. By now I'd already phoned my wife who was bringing the spare key over so had nothing to lose so I did what didn't make sense. I closed the door fully, and the window went back up into the closed position. Tried the door and... it opened! So there you go - if you find yourself with a door on half latch that's not opening and your keys are in the car, close the door and then the handle will work. Save yourself the 50 minutes of trying to use the interior handle!
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    I am getting one + couple more mods. Already booked with Mike and can't wait... [emoji16] The slippery slope has started[emoji41] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Just over 4K for a Turbo'd 86, what a feckin awesome deal!
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    Get those deposits paid folks, you won't regret it
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    This is an awesome deal @Lucas@PartBox!
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    I bought a cliché!

    Welcome New. As others have said once you mod, you will keep going. Just make sure you have spare cash for petrol etc.
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    I bought a cliché!

    Yeah, that's the problem. I've been resisting so far... Years ago I had a Calibra (don't judge me) that I lowered, poly bushed, fitted 17s (big wheels at the time), fitted wilwood big brakes, magnex straight through exhaust, HIDs (a new thing at the time and only high end premium cars had them as standard), a subtle aerofoil spoiler (modified slightly and painted body colour), upgraded head unit with Focal 'mids and tweeters' and twin 12' subs. From memory it handled well, but the 86 platform is far superior (the only thing I've driven that I could compare to the 86/brz is a friend's Lotus Exige!). It would appear that I'm having some kind of mid life crisis and almost trying to build the same car again? 😬 😂
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    New Header VS. Emissions?

    No problem, if I can help with your manifold/mapping after the new year then please give me a shout Thanks Mike
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    New Header VS. Emissions?

    Leave the genuine second CAT in place is what we recommend. Many many people do this and the cars sail through an emissions test. Thanks Mike
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    Exclusive forum deals! From now up to Black Friday (24th) I will be posting one product per day that is discounted for you only. Today's pick; RAYS Gram Lights 57CR in Gunmetal Blue - 18x9.5 ET38 (perfect fitment) £1199.52 + Shipping
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    Wheel Advice

    Makes sense. Besides spending £2.5k just to test something is a bit much
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    Exactly, I have first hand experience. All the problems I've had with the car is the Universe telling me the Rota's need to go.
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    Brake upgrades - discs/pads?

    No argument from me. Had them also fade in the Alps. Though tbh Alps are tougher than most tracks especially on the descent. Its why I looked into BBK's with good advice from people like @ade and @will300 . I would have bought some myself but some tasty suspension came up. Ultimately @Lauren I think a BBK is the best choice over disk and pads having seen your usage.
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    Removing torque dip

    Mine is alright. No cats and a resonated system. You hear it if you accelerate but it's fine when cruising. I took it to the middle of Germany and back and was only down to London last weekend and Snetterton the weekend before. No problem.
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    Removing torque dip

    I have TD's EL mani and Res Catback and for the motorway its fine. It does not drone which is generally the worst thing aftermarket exhausts have a tendency to do. Im based in Nottingham so if you wanted to have a listen first hand im sure we could work something out. I drove accross Europe with the catback on and never once got annoyed with it and im pretty picky on my exhausts.
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    Follow me home lights

    Is it only me that found out that we got the option on our cars? It works like on the Avensis and Auris. When turn off engine just flash the lights when on Auto or 0 and they will stay on for 30 secs.
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    *Whatsapp Group* - Eastern counties!

    @Lauren @rob275 A whatsapp group is not exactly the same kettle of fish, and there's no hierarchy intended. Adding new members is not my responsibility alone - it's a group effort which requires more 'admins' (i use the term loosely). A forum is different, anyone can simply come on here and create an account without having to rely on somebody adding them manually. Each platform has their advantages. So you see in our case that's the best way to do it. Hats off to you both for an excellent drivers club and forum community. I'm an occasional poster here and long time lurker who's learned a great deal from this community and gotten a lot of value from your for sale threads. Hopefully I will get to meet you both over time. Also... Will in Suffolk, welcome to the group!
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    *Whatsapp Group* - Eastern counties!

    I don't condone it either way, but seeing as I have no clue what has happened, how can I possibly comment?
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    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Don't know how I've not spammed you all with this picture yet! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Deacons '86

    Today's little addition to the maintenence and upgrade process:- Many thanks to @Lucas@PartBox for bringing them along to the Midlands meet 👍
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    Stubaru BRZ

    Autobrite Direct's Leather cleaner and conditioner are superb - a quick wipe on mine (had dreaded two tone by the thumb grips) had it back to brand new. Couldn't believe how much it shifted - I was damn ashamed! Their Xmas sale starts on the 2nd Nov, might be worth waiting for it to be on offer.
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    Life after 5 year old

    Current plan: "Mod the shit out of it."
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    Known Issues

    Seems like I'm pretty lucky, mine is 62 plate and no rust anywhere, not even in the engine bay by the latch
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    My GT86 Progress Thread

    Few changes Corbeau Club SportsHT Autos Kit Tomei SS Gear KnobDe grill
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    Best sounding bolt on exhaust

    Just know that once that door closes and Gary takes off you’re going to be 5 ish grand lighter at some point 😂😂😂
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    Hayward and Scott 4-2-1 EL Exhaust Manifold

    Admin can we ban Tashan forever please. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Lauren's GT86 100K miles and onwards

    They look awesome! Will be mega on track. As for Lowe point of the pins. Just copper grease the pins whenever they come out. Mine seem to have been fine after 3 years of abuse.
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    Parts from my GT86

    It's only the over pipe. Plenty of people will want a catback system and you have the decat pipe as well. i wouldn't really worry about selling them as a job lot. If you can sell the manifold with the overpipe, then I don't see why anyone would be put off by that. Up to you of course.
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    Last bits from my 86 (TD DECAT)

    dropped you a PM on the lights mate
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    My GT86 Progress Thread

    Awesome car [emoji1477]
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    Pioneer SPH-DA120 Install and Review

    For what it's worth, here is what the Apple CarPlay looks like: It's actually a very nice piece of functionality BUT you do have to have your iPhone connected. There's another screen which also has the apps for things like Spotify so you can run that painlessly. Overall I'm delighted with the unit and would recommend both in terms of looking right for the car and functionality, provided you don't need to play CDs and don't want DAB. As per previous post there is a unit coming out (possibly out now) which has DAB as well but it puts the price up. As for sound: it sounds fantastic even with the stock speakers but I'd bought the Focal IS165TOY speakers so fitted them anyway! The Focals have a significantly bigger magnet on the back: They weight a chunk more too (sorry Colin Chapman). What is astounding is just how light the stock speakers are! They do add a depth to the sound which the stock speakers couldn't manage, bass is deeper and tighter. Now the system really does sound the pips! I know there are plenty people on here with additional amps and subs but I find myself wondering where you 'fit' this additional sound!?! I can get this system to ear bleedingly loud with no distortion; the bass is nice and acceptable - I'm not hitting the brown note and setting off car alarms but I don't want to. I've been down the road of big ICE installs in the past and I'm not knocking it, just if someone like me is pondering what to do with their stereo and wondering what is 'enough', a decent headunit and some fairly cheap (they were only £119) speakers and you're away. I didn't bother with the back speakers, save your cash. I also bought some lightweight Dynamat but I've hardly used any up, I did the doors, threaded a sheet about the size of an A4 piece of paper through the speaker hole and covered the bit of door around the speaker, but that's it. Maybe it's my old ears but I don't drive along thinking the NVH is terrible; it doesn't sound like a particularly refined car but frankly I hate that all what we used to call feedback has been dialled out on modern cars. I've thought about lining the boot, but there's already some soundproofing there and it seems to do its job. In conclusion - I bought the car to drive and enjoy it. I like that it is 'under' powered and 'under' tyred; the handling is sublime and it looks great so I don't want to change a thing about it. But even I had to concede that the stereo was dreadful, but I believe for ~£500 I have purchased a whole new system which will give all but those with robot's ears a high quality audio experience.
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    Todoroki wide fenders - new