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    A few pictures from Bedford yesterday with the new rear spoiler fitted. The Spec L exhaust recorded 80dB at 4500rpm, plenty of headroom for when the stock manifold is ditched
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    Thanks to @Deacon for measuring the stock ARBs so I could finish of my suspension calculation spreadsheet. In a past life I used to design suspension for a living so its been good to refresh my memory on how it all works and generate a tool that hopefully others will find useful. You can download a copy here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/87478421/GT86%20and%20BRZ%20Spring%20and%20ARB%20Rate%20Comparison.xlsx My main reason for doing this was to decide what replacement springs to order for my HKS dampers that will complement either the stock ARBs or stiffer Whiteline ARBs. My car is a Daily Driver with occasional track use and I drive over some pretty hideous roads on my way to work each day so I was concerned that a 6kg/6kg spring setup would be too much, I also had to consider that HKS only recommend a +/-2kg rate change without re-valving the dampers. I've gone for 4.8kg F and 5.3kg rear in the end, which should have slightly more oversteer than my stock BRZ with the standard ARBs with consideration of the improved camber control at the front as well (the rear is pretty good already as its multi-link, but McPherson struts aren't great, especially when lowered a lot) and whatever I choose it to be depending on the setting of the adjustable ARBs. There's most of the popular spring combos on there and you can enter data for any aftermarket bars if you've got the rate, %change or just the bar dimensions. Most people neglect to consider the proportional share of the springs and ARB's when it comes to thinking about the change in handling. Looking at the sheet you can see that a 6/6 setup on a GT86 shifts the handling balance towards that of a stock BRZ. I understand why @Lauren went for 5/6, with consideration of the extra grip from the improved camber control at the front I can see why its more playful at the rear though! One important note is that all of this is best compared for steady-state (i.e. mid corner) balance, damper and alignment settings play a significant part in corner entry and corner exit characteristics. Carroll Smith's "Engineer in your Pocket" is a great read for this. http://www.carrollsmith.com/books/#pocketbook-detail Feel free to ask if you have any questions about how the spreadsheet works.
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    Hello all, My name is Rich and I'm a Graphic Designer, currently living just outside Leeds after 9 years in London. I've had my 86 for a few months now and have been posting a bit but never properly introduced myself or the car but figured I would just start a build thread instead. Always been a Toyota fan, used to have a gen 6 and then gen 7 Celica and an MR2 before taking a slight detour with a 350Z and then arriving back home with my grey 86. The car was entirely standard when I bought it, other than some pressed metal number plates that the previous owner fitted. Here she is when I first got her home, with my old zed sulking in the corner... First step was to do something about that ridiculous arch gap, a set of HKS Hipermax IV GT coilovers were purchased from a member on the forums: As you can see, cats are entirely clueless when it comes to fitting suspension, as am I, so a trip to Tuning Developments saw the kit fitted and set up. She is now looking a hundred times better and handles amazingly. Other than a (grossly expensive) shark fin aerial, that is where I'm at so far with the car. I took her for a quick sunset drive last night to get some snaps: GT86 by nimzicki, on Flickr GT86 by nimzicki, on Flickr GT86 by nimzicki, on Flickr GT86 by nimzicki, on Flickr GT86 by nimzicki, on Flickr GT86 by nimzicki, on Flickr Next on the list is wheels, I've got a set of Work Emotion Kiwami CR's booked in for refurbishment, next update will probably be once I get them fitted Anyway, hello all, glad to be here! Rich
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    I heard his customer support over Skype is ermmm "hard to beat"
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    So I suppose I should start a new build thread, still not sure whether I'll sell the BRZ or not. But who knows. I'm sure most of you know the car well. But for those of you that don't here's a quick snapshot of the specs! Engine/Exhaust: Forged Carrillo Rods and Manley Pistons AVO Stage 3 Turbo Aquamist Water-Meth injection AVO 3" Turbo back exhaust AVO Intake kit Racer-X Oil pan AVO Oil Cooler Suspension/Chassis: Öhlins MI20 Coilovers (6/6 Springs) Every Summit brace/SWAVE control arm you can imagine Whiteline Front 20mm Roll bar Whiteline Rear 16mm adjustable roll bar Brakes: Front Stoptech 330mmx28mm BBK w/DS2500 Pads Rear Stoptech discs w/Ferodo DS25000 Pads Oily bits: Stock Final Drive (4.1) Carbon Prop Shaft 600hp driveshafts Kaaz Super Q LSD 1.5 way Helix Ceremetallic Clutch Whiteline Gearbox Insert Exterior: Seibon TA Style Front Lip Buddy Club Rear Carbon Fibre Spoiler with High Support Legs TRD Front Canards Beat Sonic Shark Fin Antenna Interior: Cusco 6 Point Dash Escape 2 Roll Cage with padding Steering Wheel Boss Sparco R325 Suede Steering Wheel Sparco Evo II Bucket Seats Sparco 6 Point Pro Racer Harnesses in Blue Buddy Club Seat Rails Custom Harness Bar ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It's a pretty mean piece of kit at the moment, but there are definitely a few bits I want to change and sort out! So the plan is, in no particular order: LOTS of paintwork correction (the amount of swirl marks on this car are f***** grim ) Gauge Pods for the boost/water-meth gauges Replace headunit so I can run Torque to monitor IAT's/Oil temp/Oil pressure etc Work Emotion D9R's in 18x9.5" for road wheels/tyres Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 in 17x9" for track wheels/tyres (May go for 18's depending on the brake situation) Rexpeed Carbon sideskirts Possibly a larger 355mmx32mm BBK, depending on how the Stoptechs last on track with 400hp. But for now, some more aggressive PFC pads. Get some of the interior back in/add some sound deadening. Possibly some type of vented bonnet depending on track temps. New steering wheel (not a fan of alcantara/suede on touchy bits) Soooo yeah. I love this car, boost is addictive and i've averaged 14mpg so far. Yay
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    Some of you probably know that I went on holiday today. We went to Lake District - Bowness on Windermere and then Penrith - that's where we are staying tonight. There's a nice Bn'B we always stay in. I took some photos of the car this afternoon, and hopefully I'll be able to get some more tomorrow on my way to Edinburgh. After that we're going to Driftland for British Drift Championship on Sunday, so it should be an eventful weekend. Anyway, here are the pics. Kirkstone Pass is beautiful! I recommend going for a drive there! It was my first time in the 86 today and it was more fun than ever!
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    Minor Update: As I've got a spare couple of hours I've finally got round to fixing the photobucket images on the initial post and the BBK post. I'm also going to do a quick update to let everyone know what's going on, nothing major at the moment. On the 21st of May (god it doesn't seem that long ago) I attended the Show n Shine meet hosted by @Neal, I ended up winning the best present car trophy after spending the previous day completely cleaning the car inside and out, I also gave the car a couple of last minute touch ups at the show, I got a total score of 14.5 out of 15 (I think), due to engine bay letting me down. Thanks again to Neal for organising the event. Here's a picture of the trophy and a clean engine bay, which I tided up the following day. The following couple of months I attended various shows and meets including both Japfests. I've also done 3 track days since the Oulton Park day back in February. One at Blyton Park with the club hosted by Lotus on Track, what a brilliant day that was. The car was faultless and the brake's were amazing, I definitely surprised a couple of the lotus guys with just how fast the car was. And in the past month I've done two track days (well 1 and a half) both at Bedford Autodrome, the first one was alot better than the 2nd, which I'll get on to shortly. Here's a couple of photo's from the recent Partbox meet: This is quite possibly my favourite photo this year of the car. On the 19th of August I took the car to Tuning Developments for @Mike@TD.co.uk (& Nick) to service the car (4th year) and check a couple off issue's I had. For those that are interested here is the list of issue's: 1. Exhaust manifold knocking/rubbing the undertray - Unfortunately this is the only niggle with the ACE CS400 manifold. Nick soon fixed this by hammering the undertray out. I'm looking at getting some uprated engine mounts as I'm not entirely convinced the issue has fully gone. 2. Exhaust system blowing - It turns out one of the joins on my AVO exhaust was leaking, so Nick took the exhaust off and resealed it. 3. Brake pedal feeling a little spongy - Brake system was fully bleed, issue now gone. 4. Tweaks to the throttle map - When I had the car remapped by Tuning Developments originally they mapped the car with two different throttle maps. One standard map and one more aggressive map. However I always felt the standard map was not responsive enough for my liking and the aggressive map was too sharp for daily driving (aggressive is perfect on track), so I ended up just using the aggressive throttle map. I informed Mike of this and he tweaked the standard map more to my liking, its now perfect for day to day driving. All of the above issue were sorted promptly. Once everything had been completed Mike told me that Nick had found an issue with the car which they couldn't fix (didn't have the part in stock). One of my rear ARB drop links had broken, it's that moment you then think **** how long has that been like that, I mean I was on track at Bedford two weeks before. Anyway I wasn't happy but nothing could be done about it. I then swiftly emailed Fensport who I purchased the droplinks from and they got a new set sent out next day, Thanks Fensport. Let this be a warning to anyone running aftermarket droplinks, check them regularly. It was now time for round 2 at Bedford (Thanks @Deacon, I'm now broke again ). The day started off well, I meet most of the guys there, did the noise test which I passed and thought that was that. However it turns out that Nick's fix on my exhaust made the drive by noise level alot louder. Unfortunately this meant I got black flagged in the first session, damn Bedford and it's low drive by limit. I was however given a 2nd chance, so on my 2nd session I decided to short shift, no complaints this time. 3rd session, I had @Deacon in the car as he was interested in the stopping power of my AP Racing BBK. I pushed alittle bit to hard and got black flagged again, this was me done for the day. For reference Bedfords drive by limit is 87.5db apparently I was hitting 92db. I'm going to look at getting something sorted over the next couple of months to hopefully lower the drive by noise level. I'll also be looking at getting my oil cooler fitted and a oil temp / oil pressure gauge fitted. As I now had a free afternoon I decided to help out a fellow club member I'd been speaking with (@alucado). He's interested in my BBK as he's looking to purchasing the same setup. Anyway he was in talks with @Lucas@PartBox about a set of Rays wheel's he was selling, but he didn't want to commit to buying them without knowing if they'd clear a BBK setup. He spoke to myself and Lucas and we arranged to try the wheels out on my car. The wheel fitment is: 17x7 +42. So I gave Lucas a call and told him I was now free for the afternoon, a couple of hours later I was at Partbox. I meet with Lucas and we had a chat about various things, mostly about me spending money. Anyway here is a couple of shots of the Rays wheels on my car, which as you can see clear the BBK without issue: That's it for now, thanks for looking.
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    New (not so) shiny bits to be fitted. Should sound much less tractor esque now [emoji2]
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    OZ Formula HLT 18x8 with 225/40/18 Eagle F1 Assy3. Each wheel/tyre weighs 19.0 kg against OEM 17", on same scales, at 18.4 kg
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    Woke up this morning to a bit of sunshine so treated the car to a quick clean, went inside to watch the F1 and then it tanked it down, naturally . Anyway, the rain buggered off so went for a quick drive and a 5 minute photoshoot before the sun went down: GT86_16_09_nimz-4 GT86_16_09_nimz-3 GT86_16_09_nimz-6 GT86_16_09_nimz-2 GT86_16_09_nimz Not sure what the next step is, I need a bit more noise so will probably save for a manifold and remap at Tuning Developments if I can stop myself from buying an exhaust first
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    This will be no news to those of you who I have added on Facebook, but for those of you who don't know, the GT86 is now sold. It's rather bittersweet, as I have really enjoyed my 2 years 3 months with the car, but alas, changes in lifestyle forced my hand. Given the amount of money spent on the car, I couldn't see myself selling for a long time, and despite always looking around on Auto Trader and considering various options, none were every really realistic. However, in May I left my job all of a sudden. Got paid for 3 months of remote support, and started looking for a new permanent role. Fortunately, I was offered a management position within Heineken, who had been a previous customer of mine during my contracting days. This resulted in an almost immediate 100% increase in wages, and a 1500% increase in daily commute (up to nearly 70 miles a day). As compliant as the GT86 was as a daily driver, it started becoming less enjoyable for this commute. Main reason for this, is that my daily commute is all single carriageway country roads, crawling in tractors and lorries. The GT86, even with the turbo, just wasn't enjoyable on this drive. When sat in traffic driving slow, it was loud and fairly uncomfortable, and when an opportunity to overtake came about, the ultimate lack of immediate torque was also a bummer (obviously, being in lower gears is the answer, but I didn't want to drive around in 3rd all day waiting for a chance to overtake). Anyway, in summary, my search for a new car lasted around 6 weeks. I initially wanted a BMW M3/M4 (F series), but after driving one and scaring myself, and also realising just how enormous those cars are, I moved on. I then started considering another hot hatch, specifically an Audi RS3, Mercedes A45 or Focus RS. The RS3 holds its value far too well for that to be a true consideration. The A45 was nice, but really hard to find the correct spec. The RS, initially, looked perfect, I actually bought one (well, put a deposit down and signed finance documents etc.), but after driving one on an extended test drive, I found it to be extremely underwhelming. Barely faster than the GT86, a worse gearbox, very boring interior and still equally uncomfortable. I therefore asked for a refund on the deposit and looked elsewhere. Going back to BMWs, I started considering the M2. It looked to be the right size, was tunable to M3/M4 pace, and looked great. I went to look at a delivery miles car in Warrington, and a lovely car it was too. The dealership in question stocked many BMWs, and another that caught my eye was an M235i. After driving both, I really couldn't see where the extra £20k went on the M2. Sure, the interior was a little nicer, car was a little quicker and obviously looks amazing in comparison, but none of those factors were even close to bridging the £20k gap. So, I bought the M235i, and here she is (bonus pic of our T5 camper, and my dog also): It's a 2014 car with ~20,000 miles. A ZF 8 speed gearbox (perfect for my daily drive, and surprisingly fun), Professional media package, heated memory seats, automatic everything, DAB, adaptive dampers, M Performance brake upgrade, adaptive LED headlights, basically everything. The only options not ticked were the winter pack (heated steering wheel), sunroof and tinted windows. It's by no means as playful as the GT86 was, but certainly faster (makes the Focus RS I drove feel very sluggish and old fashioned to be honest), still a very fun drive, especially with the adaptive dampers in sport mode, and when not, a very comfortable, quiet, seamless car. It's truly got 2 personalities, and I couldn't be happier. As far as future plans with the car, and myself. Well, I certainly plan on still attending as many social meets as possible. I've made some great friends from this website, and I will not abandon that just for a change of car. In terms of the car, well for now the plans are to just enjoy it. I've already ordered some minor upgrades (a new panel filter and some M performance gloss black front grills), and plan to get a Kerscher front lip, M performance carbon rear spoiler, carbon/chrome tailpipe replacements, and some new tyres (Pilot Sport 4s, of course) to replace the current run flat Bridgestones. After Christmas I may start considering tuning, but will likely only go as far as a JB4/intake/exhaust. I may also consider the H&R springs once I've tried my buddies', but then I'll probably stop and just enjoy the dual personalities of the car. Sorry for the wall of text, if you've read it, I appreciate you. Thanks for the fun times over the past few years, and I look forward to seeing some of you again in the future, just with a slightly different key in my pocket Ross
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    Good news! Car should be back on the road Monday!
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    Yea thanks for the most inappropriate reply possible. The price is on the advert, maybe pay more attention to that or the road than perving on my Mrs. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    I actually thought the debate was useful, so can't see why we'd remove posts. I have the Tein Streetflex setup which is the one they did before the A and Z were out. Mine are like the Z's but are rebuildable and I do have some custom valving increasing my rear rate. I find mine good, but yes, hit a pothole and you will know about it. Obviously when it runs out of travel you'll get a fairly big hit through the chassis. Is it worse than stock in this scenario? Well yes, it is. Although the general ride is more controlled and overall better. Sure, if you spend a fortune and I did look into it, then you will gain. Stuff like the monotube Ohlins and AST etc is appealing. My main reason with sticking with a twin tube design that necessitates a narrow diameter piston and less oil capacity was simply based on longetivity reasons. I'm not saying a monotube setup won't last, but it seems that a twin tube certainly does if that makes sense. Unless you've got £4-8K to spend on something really specialised like Reiger etc which top rally cars use, you aren't going to get the cake and eat it scenario, but you may find yourself coughing that cake up when they need a rebuild every 10K miles. So all in all it has to be some compromise and particularly so when it comes to a daily car. Add in a ton of mileage as I have done and I needed something that would improve the car overall but be reliable. I was a little worried about the EDFC with all those stepper motors, but over 50K+ miles on them, they have been totally faultless, so I'm very pleased with their reliability.
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    @smudge think you should get this!
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    Thanks Kev. I'll just have to park on the road next time, rather than poisoning your driveway with German crap
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    Well, this isn't the way I wanted the thread to go 🤔 Was hoping it'd be full of Rays, Ohlins and AP Racing
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    She's back on the road already
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    So some of you have probably seen my IG post already, but I did a trackday at Bedford yesterday and the car only managed 20 minutes on track before the gearbox shit itself. Obviously not to happy about it! as i've only had the thing for just over a week, done 350 road miles (with most of it out of boost as it's been commuting) and a 20 minute track session in it. Previous owner did track days with no issues afaik, so a bit of a kick in the nuts for something in the box to go this soon into ownership. Especially as I've tried to be as careful as possible with getting everything up to temp and cooled down properly Anyway I've managed to source a new gearbox and get it booked in for the old one to be replaced, so hopefully she'll be back on the road before the end of the month so I can take it to JAE. Will then get the old gearbox stripped down and looked at to see what caused the failure, then see if we can rebuild it and beef it up as a sequential is just a bit over budget On the plus side, the car was absolutely unstoppable rapid in the first session. Gives me high hopes for the future! Also managed to get a few pics
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    Hi All Here are some of my photos from the Co-ordsport Open Day on the 30th of July. Thanks for looking Will Our Cars:
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    And the award for the creepiest reply to a car advert....
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    Previously my manifold, only been fitted to one car. Might have been used for other purposes but I can vouch for this guy. You really can't go wrong with jackin' Jev's private parts. Great communication and quality service.
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    If you need any parts, now is the chance to buy it! If you can't find it on the website, let me know, I'll sort you out. 17% is almost a VAT free deal! Visit https://www.part-box.com/?route=product/filter#/make=Toyota/model=GT 86/sort=p.sort_order/order=ASC/limit=30
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    Pffffft, I wish I was that lucky.
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    I met a number of you yesterday at JAE & couldn't have been more welcome when I had quite a few questions about the GT86. I talked to Minion for quite a while & said I would be joining the club when I got home as had only come down for the day so here I am, I'm the old fat bloke you talked to around midday as a load of the club members went off for a walk in the blow up dinosaur costumes . As soon as I get the car I'm after I will be getting premium membership as didn't realise there was an option for sticker colour until now. As soon as I get the time I will be booking a test drive then the hunt for the perfect car starts as I would really like the aero in grey but would settle for black if I found one at a good price. I've had a gen6 Celica for 12 years & the GT86 is the next logical step as even after walking around JAE & looking at all the other Jap cars the only other one that I was drawn to is the GTR but its just not as nice imho. I was really impressed how members were more than happy to spend so much time chatting to me as I'm older than a lot of their dads but it shows what a friendly club you are & I'm looking forward to meeting up at shows next year
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    Thanks for the idea but I'm paying cash for it so don't need finance. Just paid for membership as well I'm off to see the car on Monday to pay the balance but unfortunately cant take it home then as theres a mark on the parcel shelf which they are going to replace for me so they will deliver the car to me on Friday which is my next day off after Monday so have plenty of time to get quotes for insurance. As the car is only 6 months old I think it will be worth paying for the smart cover & get free GAP insurance included as well. Thanks for everyone's input to help me find the right car & I didnt expect to find one so quickly but I think I have made the right choice as with no spoiler I can put whatever bodykit I want on the car without having to worry about ant existing holes. Now the fun begins as I will have to decide what modifications I want to make to the car & I have a few ideas already so will start a new thread on that soon
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    I got back late on Saturday afternoon from a 2 week trip around Europe in the 86, so I thought I'd share some pics of our hols. We went through France > Switzerland > Italy > Switzerland > Italy > Austria > Germany > Belgium > Holland > Belgium > France, so quite a few border crossings. Starting off from Surrey on a very early Friday morning to catch a P&O ferry to Calais, I couldn't wait to get my first brew on board. While these days I prefer the tunnel as it's far quicker, the ferry was £160 cheaper this time around. That's a nice breakfast on the ship. My wife and I are both keen cyclists, so we had two road bikes attached to the car with a very cool Seasucker vacuum rack. A bike rack attached to the roof of GT86 attracts a lot of attention and I was getting questions about it wherever we went. First stopover in Dijon, then onto Morzine where we had an apartment for a week just on the start of the climb to Avoriaz. We cycled up the local cols - the Joux Verte, Joux Plane & Ramaz. The local mtb trails looked great, so we hired out a couple Cannondale Jekyll Enduro bikes and went on a mega chairlift-assisted epic into Switzerland, back to Morzine and around Les Gets. Absolutely breathtaking scenery up in the high mountains. Naturally, I waited until later that evening to take the car for a quiet lap of the Col de la Joux Verte. Towards the end of the week, and with an eye on the weather forecast we booked a hotel in Bormio, Italy to drive and ride the Stelvios and Gavia passes. These are huge climbs, well over 20-26km long and finishing at 2700 metres - best avoided in bad weather. Luckily we appeared to have a weather window appearing. A days driving over, passing through Switzerland (keeping off the motorways as I wasn't gonna pay a years road tax for 2 hours use), into Italy via the St. Bernard tunnel (29 euros - ouch!!) Aosta and Lake Como. It was super hot and 30+ degrees most of the way, until we popped out of the last tunnel 5 mins from Bormio to be greeted by torrential rain and a massive storm! The next morning was fine though and we cycled up the 2700m Stelvio in the sunshine. There were a fair few slow cars on it, clogging up the road for petrol heads, so I made a mental note to get up early the next morning to drive it. After a cracking 65kph descent on the bikes we then both still felt a little bit fresh, so climbed the Gavia 2600m pass after lunch. This nearly broke me, really hard. After a fairly large recovery pizza and Gran Reserve Peroni the alarm was set for 6am to get the Stelvio pretty much to ourselves for an hours worth of hard driving. By the time we reached the top, oil temperatures were at track day levels - so I pulled up next to a glacier to cool them down. You don't get these at Donny. Following a morning of dossing in the local spa, we then drove up to Bad Liebenzell in the Black Forest, which involved going back over the Stelvios pass (again!), in and out of Switzerland, back into Italy, then Austria before hitting the Autobahn in Germany. It all got a bit confusing with the myriad of border crossings and at one point we honestly had no clue what country we were in. German autobahns themselves are awesome, really smooth, and free. I couldn't go crazy what with having a fairly novel vacuum-mount rack on my roof (see pic), but the miles went by very quickly cruising at a legal 150kph. The next day we set off for..... yeah you guessed it, the Nurburgring. We had a cracking apartment in Adenau, 5 minutes walk from some of the best viewing points on the track. After unloading we quickly made our way down to the Nordschliefe entrance for a couple of evening laps. I last came here in 2005 and a lot of things have changed. There's still a great post-lap atmosphere in the car park though, as everyone chills out after a lap with a drink from the cafe. There was at least four 86's circulating so a decent turnout from the twins. Naturally we returned the next evening for some more laps, but the track had already been closed before I'd made the ticket office. Someone gone out straight from the start and had a massive crash, flipping their beemer over the barriers into the woods at the Foxhole, just 5 minutes into the session. It didn't reopen. Friday morning was spent having a good day noseying round the new facilities, weird closed rollercoaster (it was closed down by public health after it crashed twice, and they can't dismantle it as it's part of the building complex) and GP track pits while the VLN endurance race practice was on. After that it was an autoroute cruise back through Belgium, Holland, Belgium and finally France to make Calais. On arrival we were greeted with a minor farce. Despite being 1 hour 40 mins early for our ferry, we missed it! UK Border Controls screwed everyone over with a massive queue to get through - thousands of people missing their ferries for extra checks. P&O looked after everyone and put us aboard the next available crossing an hour later. Arriving home, we covered around 1900 miles, at an average of 32mpg. Best fuel ingested was 100 octane in both Italy and Germany, although I did see 102 near the ring.
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    Didn't end well for you last time
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    I think the most important questions are does it sound good and does it make me more attractive to the opposite sex? If so, I'll take 2 I'll hang the other one around my neck.
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    New badges come today No more chrome!
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    I have just noticed this in another thread (it made me happy), I then saw the link you provided saying you can order anything from the rays site (this made me very very sad) I now have many wheels spinning around in my head. Thank you very much.😁
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    Then it was time to disappear off again with work for a few months, so decided to treat the car to a few bits before I abandoned it.. Firstly some Japan Racing JR3s, and Avon ZZ5s to go on them, I've always put Michelin PS3s on the Fabia but figured I'd give the Avons a go.. And some Tein lowering springs.. I had coilovers in my last car and plan on getting them again for the 86 at a later date, but for now these will do.. Since I'd put 5k miles on it by this point, thought id give it an oil change too so splashed out on some Millers Nanodrive NT+ and a shiny red TRD oil filter..
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    Hellooo! My name is Dan and I'm from Wakefield/Leeds Long time lurker after getting rid of my last car back in January... Pic taken during its photoshoot for performance bmw magazine although it never made it in the mag The car was running 400-420bhp and made a LOT of noise Got rid of it due to not really needing 2 cars and having bought a house needing a fair bit of work doing... ahhh the joys of growing up Turns out I cant survive without my own car so started looking around for a car that would be a fair bit cheaper to live with which led me to looking further into the 86/BRZ which I have always liked since they came out... A few test drives and months later and I am now the proud owner of this beaut example! 15 plate, 14k miles, FSH and pretty immaculate condition Lots of plans for the car but wont be for a while as getting married next month so will have to recover the cost of that haha! The car was spozed to come after but alas So far though all I can say is I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT
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    Must have picked up your towel Jeff
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    Manifold in-situ:
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    We recorded this video clip today of @will300's exhaust set up (Ace CS 400 manifold with Avo catback) running through the revs to 7k rpm and just driving normally. Makes quite a scream at the top end!
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    Just sell your kidneys and do both like I did. If it helps - I scrimped on the wheels. Leave those stock for time being and do the rest. Coilovers make a big difference too [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've changed the mats, had the binnacle cover and dash panels covered in alcantara, dome light in red and changed the shift knob (either an Anarchy Motive one or a Beatrush one)
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    Thanks! First delivery was a set of Valenti V2 sequential taillights.. While I'm on the subject, I ordered a few bits from Fensport during that week and all arrived next day, great service..! Then shortly after, a Top Sage TRD style ducktail spoiler. Came unpainted black ABS plastic, no adhesive or fasteners. Fairly decent quality but needed abit of smoothing, so que the sandpaper/micromesh and spray filler, soon to be followed by 61K paint, or as Toyota imaginatively named it "Dark Grey".. Also took the liberty or removing all unnecessary badging off the back. Finished product abit orange peely, but some micromesh and a good polish will sort that later. Used Halfords spongy double sided trim tape to secure/seal it, however discovered at the last minute the OEM spoiler screws are smaller than the fitting in the Top Sage spoiler, quick trip to B&Q and I managed to get some the right size, and got the spoiler on. Broke out the tar remover and a clay bar to get the residue from the badges off, then time for a quick detail and some Dodo juice Purple Haze..
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    Imagine hearing a 20ft wasp in a large titanium bucket doing his best impression of the God of Thunder,