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    Lowe's Team Grey

    So yesterday was the day I'd been looking forward to for the best part of a month - parts fitting day! @Mark-in-Stoke and I were booked in with Rich at Tuned UK to have suspension work done to both our cars. I won't spoil Mark's update, but in a nutshell we were taking his 'temporary' suspension and putting it on mine, and he was having his newly resprung Ohlins coilovers put back on. This all came about after the OcUK meet in April. Mark had popped over and took me out in his car, after being somewhat surprised at how good TunedUK's 40mm spring collaboration with Eibach was. I was very sceptical expecting the ride to be trashy, rock hard and sat on the bump stops. I couldn't have been more wrong; the ride was firm yes, but not uncomfortably so. Body roll is far better controlled and the stance looks fantastic. No issues with clearance and no smashing of bump stops. Given I don't do track work and have no intention to, coilovers would be nice but probably overkill for me. So Mark offered me these once his resprung Ohlins were ready. We got to TunedUK nice and early and whilst Rich set about Mark's car, Mark and I set about mine with a couple of body mods. I'd been away recently and managed to get a set of rear quarter louvres brought back from the USA. The company (Ikon Motorsports) were great and sent them to my hotel and the package was small enough to bring back in my hand luggage so no problems with them being damaged. As I've seen from Facebook these are very much a marmite thing, plenty of hate for them (including 'oh noes, how will you see out the back of the car?). I can't actually see through my rear quarters due to the passenger headrest, so it makes no odds to me. They attach easily with 3M tape and the fitment is absolutely spot on. We also fitted the carbon winglets to the front wings properly and with the weather being so hot yesterday we got a really good solid fit. Before long Mark's car was sorted so it was time for mine to get on the ramps. I was nervous to say the least, I wasn't 100% sure if everything (especially the CE28's) would fit. But everything came good bar my drop links being stuck and needing to be cut off. Luckily Rich had a set of Whiteline adjustables in stock so we chucked those on and then he got to work with the alignment. The springs drop the car 40mm, but the 18's with 225/40/18 tyres raise the height by about 5mm. Even so, this was putting a fair bit of negative camber to say the least. The back was virtually spot on even and ended up sitting at -2. For the fronts on Rich's advice for my type of driving we put the camber bolts in the other way around and neutralised the camber a little. I've never known someone so precise and OCD about alignment, everything was done with a real sense of care to get the best possible result. This was the end result, pleased is an understatement! Note the car hasn't been cleaned and is in strong sunlight so yes, tyres and louvres aren't as black as they'll normally look. Under more normal light: On the drive back home even with the car full of stock wheels I was able to get a sense of the improvements over stock. We took a scenic route down lots of twisty A roads to avoid traffic which was great fun. Turn in is nice and quick, body roll is loads better and I feel a lot more confident. I'm looking forward to trying it out more over the weekend.
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    Smudge's GT86 - supercharged V8 build

    Blimey, haven't updated this for a while! As some of you know, I finally had enough with being messed around and seeing little to no progress with the guy that's been doing the V8 swap since April 2016. I took the car from him a couple of weeks ago and I'm having a more trusted place called Carson Performance complete whatever is left to do. At first glance, there wasn't a huge amount of work that needed doing. Just small, fiddly bits like fuel lines, oil system for the supercharger etc. However, on closer inspection, we've unfortunately had to backtrack and redo some of the substandard work from the previous garage in order to make sure things are done properly and to a standard both Carson and I are happy with. This means that we've spent 2 weeks essentially redoing work where corners have been cut. Not ideal, but at least we have peace of mind that everything is being checked to ensure we dont run into any problems once it is finally up and running...hopefully! Timescales now? Probably another 4-6weeks I reckon, but know knows what else we'll come across that will stop us from progressing further. There's light at the end of the tunnel and I've begun to find some love for it again. The guys at Carson also have an 86 so there's a personal passion for the car and their enthusiasm shines through the fantastic work they do. I'm kept up to date almost daily, even when it's bad news so that we can agree on a solution. Will try and keep this updated, hopefully with some good news soon.
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    Marks Mods

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    Lowe's Team Grey

    So I’m sat at TunedUK with @Mark-in-Stoke My car’s had a fair transformation. Last few bits being done. Pics and write up to follow...
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    We're just back from a two week roadtrip to Spain and back. Check out my blog if you're interested - BeamBreaking Cheers, Bob.
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    Ade's Road and Track Toy

    and some slidey bits
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    Wanted roots type supercharger (used)

    Sorted, bought the Vortech kit from Kwiatu from this forum. Thanks! Got me 320hp and a nice, linear torque curve as I wanted. I race usually on my local track in Gdansk in Poland. OK, a mini track in UK standards. I'm finally happy with the setup. Won my class yesterday. Ready for bigger tracks now. Gt86 seria...pdf
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    cheers guys.....I think i will leave as is re: FD.....after comments.
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    Lowe's Team Grey

    No worries on the hijack. Big update next week, busy busy
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    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Brought her out of hibernation. Gave her a quick clean as its not been touched since the last trackday in November. IMG_20180407_204221_264 by Richard Beale, on Flickr IMG_20180407_204221_265 by Richard Beale, on Flickr
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    Hello everyone, I've owned a brz since September last year but finally joined the forum. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    New Speakers, Sub & Amp.

    No doubt the banging choonz will repel any incoming debris...
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    Brake upgrades - discs/pads?

    Can't believe I am still on stock calipers, just better discs and pads. Guess time will come to just go AP and done with it.
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    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    joined the club yesterday collected this my17
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    Duraflex wide body kit

    Yeah the US forum are the best place for advise on spec for wide body kits. Other than the standard cutting / grinding and welding required to fit the arches, I needed extensive modifications to be carried out to the front arches as there was too much negative offset on them. They eventually fitted. My wheel specs are: Front - 18 x 9.5 ET -36 Rear - 18 x 10.5 ET -47 The rear wheels needed around -5.5 camber to get them to fit. So if you want to use it for the track, or as a practical car then go for more positive offset. But at least you know the limitations of what can be used.
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    Deacons '86

    Glad you managed to find a size that worked. If you ever have to do them again, lube em up with washing up liquid.
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    2012 Toyota GT86 For Sale

    Thanks very much for watching my YouTube videos I'm passionate about showing my love for cars lol Despite moving to another platform I will still be making GT86 videos too as I've made so many friends with fellow owners! Also, just to update this post, the car now has a buyer!
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    Experience of StopTech Pads

    Stutopia: take a look for this sample chart friction Mu vs temps: Other vendors probably also have pads covering different temp ranges as optimal operating ones for them. This helps to see why those cold stops for some pads may have friction worse even twice or more for first stops in cold and why/how it differs for different pads designed for different uses. Luckily it's rare one needs heavy braking from car just started, as it's usually waiting a bit for engine to warm and slow moving in yard inner roads to normal ones .. Check nfo in links / charts here for example.
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    I did a bit of research before going to look and noticed the mileage, so when I went to test drive it, managed to get the price down a bit due to it needing this service. Guess this is why the previous owner decided to chop it in! Just spoke to RRG and they have quoted £600 inc vat for it, said they are doing a lot of these recently due to the first cars coming up to the 5/6 year’s mark, which makes sense, at least they’ll be well rehearsed!
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    Think I’ll be popping down for a bit with the GRMN
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    Lowe's Team Grey

    Another minor update, took the wheels to Lucas for us to work out why the 73.1mm spigots wouldn't fit. We tried a few different ones but none of them would go in which was a bit of a concern. Lucas's verniers wouldn't go inside the wheel so I headed home and found a local place that @Mark-in-Stoke had recommended a while back. I explained the situation and before I could finish he came back with a set of 73.1mm spigots and put one in right in front of me. I was surprised to say the least! I think that due to being sprayed a couple of times there was build up on the inside of the bore and that was stopping the metal Rays ones from fitting. I got some sandpaper and rubbed down the inside of the wheels and then the rest went straight in, no bother.
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    Maiden Track Day - Anglesey Circuit

    Took the 86 for its first track day on Tuesday. Graced it with the wonderful Anglesey Circuit in Wales! Safe to say I loved every bit of it! Did it with Javelin with my brother (FN2 Type R) and a few mates (More FN2's and Golf Mk2). Great learning how the car handles when giving it some beans, it's currently completely stock apart from some Rota 18x8.5" wheels and Whiteline Positive Shift mounts + Whiteline Differential mount inserts. Come to realise I think coil overs and a meatier exhaust is necessary, although it's a great stock setup, I feel like it squirrels a little too much under braking and understeers when the weight shifts forward. Thinking of some Teins Flex A's and an Invidia Gemini R400. Any opinions on these will help greatly! I know my heal-toe is a little off, finding it difficult at times with how long it takes the car to rev up and down with the heavy flywheel. Just need a bit more practice Obviously, the first few videos are rather tame with some interesting lines and close calls but throughout the day, especially on the last video I felt really confident and loved how easy the car is to hold on a powerslide. I must admit in one of the videos around 6:30 I took the first corner a bit hot and attempted to power out of it, almost let it take the better of me and ended up with a tank slapper haha! Loads of fun, lots of burnt rubber, fast track and beautiful scenery, and I didn't spin once! Couldn't have asked for much more hehe. I apologise for some of the strange camera angles, I just used my DLSR on a headrest mount so it was difficult to place well. I hope to get to some events and meet up with some fellow 86 owners to see how they set their car up for the track Playlist: Some images I took and the professional photographer took:
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    how do you remove attachments?

    Best thing is to host it elsewhere like Flickr etc then paste the link in.
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    Lowe's Team Grey

    Car is looking sweet now @Lowe, I think the side louvers really work with the grey paint.
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    Lowe's Team Grey

    I owe you one mate, you did me a solid and I know it. Thanks once again for all your help yesterday 👍🏻
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    Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres

    Imho this video is rather good on describing strength and weaknesses of cup2.
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    Lowe's Team Grey

    That's looking really good, what a difference. Love the wheels. Did you notice the difference in wheel weight on the way home?
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    Brake upgrades - discs/pads?

    I have just asked the piston sizes, well priced if it keeps the bias sensible.
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    Smudge's GT86 - supercharged V8 build

    Great news! Do keep us updated.
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    Hi Adam, We haven't no, everyone has still gone for the atmosphere currently Mike
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    Me probably get there around 10ish
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    I hope the person who gets this keeps it in the same condition as it's mint and not a penny spared in it's creation.
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    Saw this at japfest. It's mad. Lucky person whoever gets it
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    New owner - Stoke-on-Trent

    Welcome - as said there’s a fair few of us in the area. Whereabouts in Stoke?
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    aftermarket version of this part

    It's toyota/trd optional part with specific MSRP. I doubt there will be high discount to it even in batch (unless it's some VERY big group buy that probably will never happen). Maybe something can be saved on combined shipping, but i doubt shipping for plastic piece to be very expensive and thus if there is potential to save enough on it. IIRC it's part number is MS346-18001. Fensport in UK also offers it (£179.60). You can google by this part number for other sources/shops.
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    Yoko V105 XL 215/45/17

    Edited Title @Lauren thanks for pointing that out.
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    Thanks Martin, saw a nice spot whilst driving so had to stop a get a piccy haha Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Welcome, I've always had a soft spot for the Subaru wr blue but decided to go Toyota over Subaru in the end. Whatever you decide to do with yours I know you'll enjoy it!
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    I've tried many times to correct my silly typo in the title but I don't think it is saving so ohh well [emoji23] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Well we have been told it would be released early 2018 and here it is; The GT-RS will work real well with the FA20 motor as long as we can control the torque on a stock motor. I think HKS are pushing there luck with running 40 kg/m torque where we run only around 30kg/m max torque on the Harrop SC kit installs. Intercooler set up is very much like our Turbo kit we have produced in very small numbers and now with this kit released we may retire our kit TBH. Will have a think about ordering a kit but I think We will miss the awesome torque the Harrop produces looks like the HKS kit doesn't pull until 3500rpm which I feel will make our light cars a little aggressive on the torque curve. Going to look to work a price out from drive in drive out kit , the HKS stock motor plots had injectors fitted so we hope to be able to tame the tune down to run stock injectors/fuel pump. Should be a awesome piece off equipment thou anything that comes from HKS will be a excellent fit and will look and last for a long time.
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    Welcome along good choice going for a BRZ 👍
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    Subota Boy

    March Sussex meet

    And the white cars were the most popular by a whisker. Thanks again to those from this forum who attended, and to Mark from Abbey Motorsport for lending his technical expertise.
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    @will300 I do owe you a pint or breakfest at one of the meets at some point @DeaconIm not going to pursue these wheels further so no need to arrange a 'fitting' . I had not planned on buying any wheels its just these are a very good deal so did tempt me. These are definitely worth snapping up for someone.
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    New Owner - Milton Keynes

    Been after an '86 since I saw them come out, finally got in a position where I could get one and I have! Grey '13 plate on only 17k miles. Read around loads prior to buying and had a few concerns, but the test drive settled all my worries. Engine sounds excellent, the 'torque dip' and 'underpowered engine' weren't an issue (Coming from a 16yr old Volvo my bar wasn't particularly high anyway!) but had such a massive smile on my face driving home and haven't really begun to use the car fully. Couple of cosmetic issues to iron out but excited to make this car mine! Can say that the stickied list under "What to look for when buying a used GT86/BRZ' was really useful. Walked in knowing more about the car than the garage and helped drive the price down, thanks!
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    I had a feeling you’d say that...
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    @86_linc I'm trying to post more and more and gain a few followers along the way, If you wouldn't mind following me I'd certainly follow back!
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    Chris Bailey


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    Newbie - South Shields

    I recommend the TD NA package too, it's a great improvement. Sent from my LG-Q6 using Tapatalk
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    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    And so finally today I was finally able to get my hands on it and see what was what! My plan is to take it a little bit slow, not only to lessen the blow to my wallet but also to simply get things done right the first time rather than have to re-visit areas further down the line. So I had already costed a few bits up before making the purchase, I know that the most expensive parts will be a set of headlights even if they are aftermarket and the Airbag set. Most of the parts im probably going to get from a Toyota dealer or online if they're cheap enough and legit. So without further ado heres a few pics of my first day spannering on the car! Here's how it sits in the garage, quite tight compared to the previous occupant and as you can see its still looking a little sorry for itself. Couple of closeup of some of some of the damage Quite a horrible sight! but with the fenders and the remnants of the headlights out of the way it was starting to look a bit better. Those fenders are a bit of a pain to get off though! The core support was a little tricky to get off with the washer bottle in the way and a few mildly bent bits of radiator support in the way but eventually after a few hours it was in a much better state and I could start checking out whether there was any further damage to be worried about. Sorry for the blurry pic! And the pile of parts that came off... So now that the worst has been removed there's a couple of bit's im unsure about so I'm looking for a few second opinions! The Top "branches" of the rad support are clearly bent and I'll replace those along with the enter of it that holds the bonnet lach mechanism however I'm wondering if a couple of other areas are bent which I wasn't expecting, namely these areas: It almost appears they've come ever so slightly away and bent downwards from the rest of the frame, thoughts on this? As well as this the bottom of the rad support actually looks straight which I was not expecting, can anyone confirm whether this looks right? So thats it for now, the battery's completely dead as well so that's a bummer. I'm going to have to get a shopping list together and start placing a few orders as I hope I've removed all the bent parts so far that don't need their spot welds drilled out, those will come next!