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    Hi from Amber Performance

    Hi guys. its been a pretty mad few months, and not had a chance to get on the forums for a long time The move to the new premises is now complete, and the dyno is just being installed right now, and will be up and running next week. We now have a 10,000+ sq ft unit with much nicer showroom / customer waiting area, complete with Xbox driving seat. More ramps, more efficient dyno area, and loads more room for the all important stock. We used to use the 0845 number, but are phasing this our with the mobile companies wanting to charge more and more for them. You can reach us on 01582 664 735, or my direct dial number is 01582 945650. I'd like to apologise about my lack of time on here, and any questions or enquiries that may have been missed, but i'm back and with the new unit now all ready to go looking forward to a good 2018. open day details to follow in the next few weeks
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    No sympathy for you @Mike@TD.co.uk serves you right for producing a package that does everything you claim and so nice to drive, not to mention race results that prove it too
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    Mya X Ferron

    Well worth the drive!

    Made the drive up to RRG Macclesfield this morning for an intermittent service. Ric & Andy were brill! Definitely recommend taking the time to drive up there (about 56 miles for me). Thanks again guys!
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    Got package fitted yesterday and been hooning about most of today. Big grins.
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    Selling Rules

    This is what you need to adhere to if you are selling parts in this section: Price clearly stated, no ebay links or offers. Location Postage and or collection Pictures of what you are selling. Condition of parts. Note: This section is not for traders.
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    Lowe's Team Grey

    So a bit of an update. 40k service has been and gone. Rich/Gary at RRG Macclesfield did their magic just before Xmas. My rear seat button is being passed on to Toyota GB for their insight, it's been refitted but the leather underneath is stretched and damaged. It's not really that noticeable but is does kinda set my OCD off... I'm awaiting their response via Rich. In other news, I saw puddle projectors on eBay a while back and wasn't sure what to make of them - in the end I bought a set to try. I've not managed to set them up properly yet, they need adjusting to make the logo circular. But for now I do kinda like them in a chavy kind of way. I've taken to calling them 'w**ker' lights. The parts bin has been steadily building up. Firstly, I picked up some carbon winglets for a good price. I tried fitting them, but wasn't happy with the way they went on, and they felt pretty loose so have taken them off for now. When the weather's better (drier) and I've got more time I'll try and get them installed again. With it being Christmas the other half was asking what I wanted. I was really after some money towards an exhaust but never thought for a moment she'd actually go and get me one! In the next few days a Cobra resonated cat back will be on the way. Pleased. Final update, more for the parts bin. I've been searching for a set of lightweight Rays (either TE37's or CE28) for a long time. Ideally I wanted 17", but I came across a set of CE28's in 18x8 at a price which frankly I couldn't turn down. After a 7 hour round trip these beauties are mine: Two are pretty much mint, two have some light kerbing. Longer term I'll get them refurbed in black. The tyres aren't that good - lots of tread but budget brands. I'll need to sort this as and when funds allow - another member has offered me some part worn Yokohama's to get me going but with these unforeseen purchases, Xmas and now my insurance being due I need to hang fire and see how much money I have free - chances are not enough right now! Tomorrow I'll give Lucas at Partbox a ring. Need to see how much spigots are, and I've also heard I can't use the standard wheel nuts with these wheels. Once I've got this lined up, the tyres bought/wheels refurbed it'll be time to find a garage, empty the parts bin and get it all fitted. I think it'll be quite the transformation when done!
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    Merry Xmas

    Merry Xmas to all in the club, and thanks to all the directors for the hard work and making our club what it is !!
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    Miinion's 86

    This is a sort of tricky one to place as I originally got it from @KevinA about 2 years ago but I sort of didn't know what to do back then in regards to the car and it sat about for ages. I thought I best sell it before it gets broken or scratched so then sold it to @Quball. I'm sure he must have been as indecisive as me as he never put it on either, so a year late I messaged him to see what he was doing with the spoiler and next thing I know I'm on route to go and pick it up This time I got it put on straight away from a local body shop that my family know quite well and they made an exceptional job, they removed the stock spoiler, welded all the holes it left behind, painted the boot and then fitted the Aero spoiler. Originally I went there and asked them to fill it but they said if they did that after a year or so it would start to damage and crack so decided to get the job done properly and I am pleased I did! At first I was a bit unsure if it was too big or not (at 21 surely I want to be as obnoxious and loud as possible?) but I love the look it gives, make's the hole car much more aggressive look
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    I have got NA tune package done by Mike@TD.co.uk just before new year and now after 150+ miles I thought I am ready to post couple comments. Power: + 21HP max/ + 25HP mid range. Mid-range torque: +>30%, about 40 Fltb @ 4k rpm I must admit I did not feel GT86 lacked power for daily driving, may be apart from track days (and only because I needed to overcompensate for my insufficient ability), but the torque dip mid range was something I felt could have been better from the very time I left the dealership. Now, the torque dip has been completely eliminated and the car no longer hesitates before reaching 5k rpms. I fact, anything above 2.5-3k feels like a different driving experience - its much more eager to please, no lingering and lot more fun to drive (although going over speed limit now happens quicker). I noticed that I subconsciously use paddle shifters to keep slightly higher revs that auto normally does (and the MPG did go down a bit). Mike has pretty much "fixed" the only thing I felt somewhat underwhelmed about. I am very glad I decided not to wait much longer (well, lasted only 6mths before doing my first mods - separate post to follow...) and totally agree with all the forum comments about this being pretty much "the best mod". Well, for a balanced review - one problem, now I want to try the turbo car and see how it feels and drives back-to-back with NA tuned. Totally Mike's fault for offering a "staged upgrade option" at reasonable price and solid workmanship The noise level is easily low enough for me to go to Thruxton, the tone has changed somewhat and due to the change in air filter its more noticeable when the intake increases. Engine noise no longer pumped into the cabin which was a pleasant surprise for the family (I let them wait until I decide to change the exhaust :)). I just cant wait to go and try it out on track. THANK YOU Mike!
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    took mine in for the uel package and mtec springs at the end of November. What a difference the whole package makes, feels like a completly different car. Just want to drive every where.
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    Supercharged Auto

    Long overdue post here, I actually got this car on 28th October, bought from Special K. Unfortunately there were a couple of issues and the car had to go back to Fensport to be sorted, I went away on business and then by the time I got the car back I couldn't find time to take pictures or post about it. Quick spec list: Vehicle is a 2012 Auto HKS Supercharged, fully forged engine build 250whp or thereabouts, about 300bhp at the engine. Milltek full system TEIN Street Flex 6kg Rear / 5kg Front with EDFC Summit rear arms Summit braces all round Stoptech BBK all round Custom transmission cooler SSP uprated torque converter Some of you will remember the car. When I test drove it, it looked like this: ...then I got busy. First, the spoiler and bootlid were removed, with the standard put back on. I then removed the CF bonnet too, leaving a car with the full set of silver stripes across it which made it look a lot more obvious than before. I fitted some Valenti light's I'd bought and I then put the set of standard wheels on because they had some winter tyres fitted, leaving the car looking like this: Next to go, therefore, were the stripes which was much more of a pain than I imagined. The ones on the boot and bonnet were OKish, taking about an hour total for the boot, and another for the bonnet because I did it last and had got the technique by then. The roof was another story altogether; five years of sun and cold and various things that make vinyl go off had taken their toll and it came off in about a thousand tiny bits. I think it took around 2 hours each side. Once they were all off, they'd left a line of glue all the way round so I called a mate to ask for advice, one thing left to another and 4 hours later we made some progress: after that, and a bit more adjustment to the bonnet I finally had the car where I'd like it to be right now. Full-on sleeper mode. Quite happy with it at the moment. I changed the TEIN Springs to 5kg on the front from 6kg. So far I've just driven to work but the turn in already feels better and the ride is also improved somewhat. Not really sure what I'll do next. I think pick a new set of wheels for summer and perhaps de-spoiler, just need to find a bodyshop to fill the holes in the bootlid if I do. Probably some trackdays. Hope you like it, I'm going to be here for a while! Cheers.
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    Well I’m booked for the 10th February. All the way from Bristol but reading the reviews and advice from forum members I pretty confident it will be worth the trip.
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    Aww I want one now. One day I will treat myself, and like @spikyone probably book into a cheap hotel the night before.
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    Selling Rules

    At last, an end to the madness.
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    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Installed a new cat-back system in mine today...
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    Got my EL installed today from Mike. Brilliant job! 2nd cat in place and miltek resonated exhaust sounds amazing. I really wanted the UEL but it wasn't in the deal. After having the EL I like the sound more than I thought I would. No regrets. 4-5 hour drive from where I live. I also got to go out in Mike's stage 2 GT86 and man does it move. Impossible not to grin while in the seat. Anyway, the torque dip has been removed completely and the car feels like it breaths freely and not choking with a torque dip. That's the best way to describe it. Nice linear power delivery. I have sounds clips I'll post tomorrow for those interested.
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    Had mine done today (thanks @Mike@TD.co.uk!) and I’ve just been out for a late night blast to see how it felt on some empty roads nearby. From a motorway drive back from Warrington I had the impression that it felt better throughout the rev range - not just where the dip used to be, but even below the dip where the graphs show no difference in torque. The quick blast confirmed that feeling, but also highlighted that the engine feels a lot more flexible and just picks up the revs from anywhere on the tacho. It’s a bit chilly and I’m still on Primacies, but the added urgency shows off the chassis balance even more. Coming off roundabouts the extra torque made it feel like I was in a lower gear. It was probably helped by the catback, which went from “a bit noisy” doing a steady motorway cruise to “bloody hilarious” when driven enthusiastically (I’ll temper the “bit noisy” part by saying that I’d recently installed the Mishimoto induction hose, which had taken away the previous motorway-speed noise. If I’d fitted the induction hose at the same time as the catback it would be more like a change in the noise rather than being noticeably louder) Mike tempted me with the MTEC shift springs too, which turned the stock car’s very good gearshift into an exceptional gearshift. I’m amazed by how much quicker and more precise it feels, and I didn’t think that was possible. On first impressions it’s also taken away the slight feeling that something was scratching when going across the box (1-2, 3-4, and 5-6). I would certainly recommend that to anyone, even someone who wasn’t planning any performance modifications.
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    Robs batmobile progress

    21/12/2017 so today I made the decision to book into tuning developments for their n/a performance package. I've gone for the uel headers as I'm wanting the Scrooby rumble, also gone for the mtec uprated shifter spring and powerflex mount after Mike recommended them. Booked in for December the 29th which can't come soon enough.
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    DashWare - GT86 Gauge Cluster

    I know that this might appeal to a select few but for those who put any driving videos together I've been playing around in DashWare to recreate the GT86 gauge clusters. For those that don't know, DashWare is one of a few programs that combines videos with datalog info. This can be got via EcuTek, Torque, Tactrix etc Everything is functional if you log the correct parameters: Speed RPM (Includes shift light) Gear Oil Temp Ambient Temp Accelerator Brakes Latitudinal G Longitudinal G Steering Angle on MY17 I can share these out if anyone is interested. I just need to find a GPS app that I can combine with EcuTek's ECUConnect App.
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    Hello from Basingstoke

    Ok, the CR-Z is up for sale and I'm transferring my personal plate off it. I've priced it keenly so hopefully it'll move fast. Meanwhile I'm looking at what white facelift BRZs are for sale on Autotrader and there are two manuals. I'm probably going to take a trip to see one next week. Exciting!
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    I can vouch for the stage 1 Turbo! Absolutely transformed the car. Plus who doesn't want a screamer pipe 😂
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    Always the high and mighty..... It's actually quite a good feature if set up well, whether you can or can't drive. Surprisingly many cars these days come with this feature. IDGAF about H&T.....must mean I'm a poor driver (I used H&T all the time in my EK9 FWIW, much nicer pedal setup). Alternatively the ECU kind of does it for you anyway. The 95 style maps are only really there for giving it beans on low RON fuel, but the OEM knock system should take care of that. On an NA car I'd say it's a non-issue/ Cruising will never be an issue no matter what RON you run.
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    And now fitted... Thank you Lucas! I think now I need center caps and may be should have gone for longer (L42) lug nuts? What do you think guys?
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    Seibon Carbon Wing + Seibon Carbon Bootlid

    Need some more Fiesta boizzz
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    Family driving.

    My little one wanted Recaro anyway as they are "lacing buckets"[emoji23] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Malian Exhaust? Any good?

    You forgot to tell him to get the NA package to go with it
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    I’m planning UEL. Fancy the Subaru warble myself.
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    Family driving.

    I found that only Recaro can fit in the back with sufficient space for the front passenger or driver (just about). I have Recaro sport hero. Also, I could not fit seat with isofix properly, but as seats are sloping slightly downwards Recaro fitted in quite nicely and seems fairly secure. And the little one loves it (the car[emoji3]). Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Family driving.

    What about the boot?
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    If it helps I've got aftermarket wheels and just swapped the old sensors over to the new wheels and they worked fine
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    Selling Rules

    Yes no lazy links just to eBay. But I want people to post pics in here, not link to pics elsewhere. If more people follow the rules I can cope with that.
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    Lowe's Team Grey

    Lovely wheels! I was planning exactly the same thing for my grey 86; either TE37 or CE28. Both styles look perfect on our cars but I was erring towards the CE28SL; I've already asked Lucas how much they would cost and am hoping to buy a set in a few months, all being well... Are you going to use spacers, and are you going to have them refurbed in black before fitting? I'm curious as to how grey-on-grey works as a look.
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    Deacons '86

    While I was in Japan over Christmas I picked up a little something for the car which I fitted today. TRD starter button which compliments the other red bits nicely:-
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    Imho worth stating MSRP, to clarify what is "budget friendly"
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    Turbo / Supercharger / NA

    Well given there will always be something that is far faster in a straightline, why not concentrate on the handling. I've overtaken far quicker cars on paper on the track and some of those have been well driven too. Not well driven enough though obviously. Having more power will make your car quicker in a straight line, but that's all it will do really. I've done the Alps a couple of times now, I've never had problem keeping up with Porsches and the like and well if I happen upon a well driven GT3, then what's the point, let it go. Whatever you do to your GT, you'll never be able to keep up with stuff like that. So for me, getting my car to handle well and it really does is where it's worth investing I reckon. That and tuition.
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    I did the Black Friday deal so EL, which I wanted anyway. I'm in Swindon and can promise the drive was worth it. I booked into a cheap hotel the night before. Like @LeviDane I also got a ride in the turbo car and it's an absolute blast. Like the NA kit but even more so. It was so well sorted that from the passenger seat it felt like it pulled as smoothly as a supercharged car. Really impressed with what they've done.
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    Mya X Ferron

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    It's honestly not a bother at all. Only have slight issues with emerging from junctions if the angle is tight but motorway driving etc. is a breeze. Another pic just because we only just got on board... Super long delays at Folkestone.
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    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Just got my new 2017 BRZ Limited yesterday. Here's me picking it up at the dealership:
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    Mya X Ferron

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Waiting around at Folkestone on the way to Austria
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    Big revs

    Element Tuning, ran a boosted FA20 upto 9K for a race season, I think they rebuilt the engine a couple of times along the way. For an N/A build they believe the limit is 7800rpm. I assume the quote Church has copied is from one of their posts. There is loads more info here: http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63723&highlight=element+tuning Short video here:
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    jedmondson's GT86

    So I took advantage of some black Friday deals and had the car in at Tuning Developments. I had their well known NA package with the EL manifold, their resonated cat-back system, MTEC shift springs, Powerflex shift bush and while I was there I got them to have a look at the alignment as I had my suspicions that the last place had made a mess of it. The NA kit has made a nice difference flattening out the torque curve, the manifold and exhaust makes the car sound awesome. I’m very happy with the volume, pretty subtle while cruising and pretty shouty when you put your foot down. The springs and shift bush make a nice difference, a bit more notchy and I’ve noticed an improvement in my second to third shift when moving on. They also confirmed my thoughts about the suspension and it was a mess so they sorted that out too, feels 100% better to drive now. Overall very impressed with the work and especially their customer service, Mike was extremely helpful via email and phone throughout the process.
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    Nooooo! It'll swallow all your time keeping it working! They're also disturbingly expensive considering the rust/metal ratio. I second the notion of spare standard 17" rims plus some wintersport rubber. However a full Scottish snow-off will probably make your life very difficult. It is still a RWD car with not that much weight over the driven wheels. Only you can judge whether the conditions get bad enough that they're just not suitable for a sporty motor. It doesn't sound like your commute involves much other than main roads that would be cleared/gritted.
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    Handling Challenges

    Well if that is the case then I'd have a quarter of a degree toe out on mine and half a degree in total! The trouble is my car is more stable than it was before. The problem we had was that the track rods were not long enough, which then gave more toe in as a result. If you look at the rear suspension the track rod is in front of the wishbones and so this then makes sense in that respect in that they weren't long enough as the shorter track rods relative to the new LCA's mean that I can't get quite the toe where I want it. How confusing! Just found this as an example:
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    Handling Challenges

    With single set of camberbolts -1.5 is about max (at stock height. lowering adds some -0.2 more). With camberbolts in both holes total front camber ~ -2.2 to -2.3 (-2.5 if lowered). If you add eccentric powerflex front lca bushing in addition to camberbolts in both strut lower mountholes, total front camber can be upped to -3 degrees. For more then that (or if one doesn't use PF bushings, or has just one set of camberbolts) - one needs top camberplates or slotted strut mounts. BTW, adding extra camber in front won't eliminate extra oversteer. To change grip bias for less oversteery, it would be rather opposite, with added grip rear (in this case - more negative camber, to compensate tire flex in curve on track due side-Gs) or reduces grip in front. I'd rather use some toe-in in rear for more rear stability .. .. BUT! If i interpret your printout right (more used to printouts with rear axle alignments placed below ), Rear axle > Toe > left 0dg05' right 0dg03' total 0dg0.8'already is slight toe in? (positive values were toe-in, negative toe-out, right?) so imho it should already be better of stock's 0 toe in rear aswell. And even with everything stock my car seemed a bit less oversteery, vs what you describe, that even 5% extra throttle after understeer could make it snap oversteer, i needed to shift grip to front much more for oversteer with throttle in long curves for rear grip loss. And you say that competent driver also observed that excessive oversteer. I'm slightly at loss here. :/ Yes, even more toe-in should add stability, but imho it shouldn't be that bad as you describe even with toe-in you have now. Another way for quick add of rear grip even without redoing alignment would be lessening air pressure in rear tires. But still, imho it shouldn't be as bad. As Varelco asked - do you have changes to different stiffness roll bars or to any other suspension bits, except alignment? Car is still NA? Tire pressures are even? No suspension bits had been worn/bent?
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    Handling Challenges

    I've used Chris for a previous car. He's very good but also very pricey. What you do get with Centre Gravity as you said is that Chris takes your car out with you before he does any work to see how it is, then discusses what you want to get from the car to inform his set up. Wheels in Motion that you used are also supposed to be very good too though but I'd imagine do either what the machine says or what you ask for rather than the whole experience you get from CG. Maybe worth having a chat with Rogue Motorsport too (speak to Matt and tell him Jeff recommended him). They race 86's and can do any necessary alignment work too.
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    Same booked in for 4th of Feb (unless something catastrophic happens). Honestly the most excited I've been about something in a while, reviews are amazing and that only fills me with even more confidence (not to mention that @Mike@TD.co.uk is a stand up guy, definitely worth the trip from Wolverhampton
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    Lowe's Team Grey

    Fair enough, I know what you mean about bronze, if it’s too dark it doesn’t work at all for me either. I spent days photoshopping different wheel designs and colours before choosing - I think the grey is probably the hardest colour to choose wheels for. Looking forward to seeing them on the car
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    £38.99 sir. http://www.tuningdevelopments.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=2618 Thanks Mike
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    EL or UEL - that is the question!

    I have one. EL of course. As long as you keep one of the cats, i.e., the second one you will be fine for MOT. Yes, it makes a huge difference. I never found a big issue before on track, though having the manifold and remap certainly increases the power band and brings the torque in far, far stronger in the midrange. You can always go for the NA package as the turbo package uses the same manifold so you could add the turbo later.
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    Attention the GT86 gets

    Er? She's a teacher hopefully?