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    When we got there around 11am, things had thinned out in that lovely row of 86s. There was a row of 4 and a row of 6. I imagine they split up so as not to be parked under the conker trees in the strong winds! And around the event, I spotted another 9 GT/BRZs dotted about. If only they could all have been parked together! So near, yet so far! And here are the 3 Le Mans Tribute liveried cars in the arena, and leaving the arena for a photoshoot in the New Forest.
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    New Wheels

    Fun DIY job (maybe not fun) wrapping the centre dash and Gague hood in alacantara. Saved a good amount of £££’s and looks so much better than the cheap plastic
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    Reliability putting me off the 86.

    If you go looking for reliability problems you will find them. Like you would anything else you search for. You will find issues with any car. In a nutshell the car is reliable and is no different to any other. All your major concerns are rare occurrences. Dig deeper and you will have a better understanding. If you don't buy one based on this, shame, will be your loss really as there isn't much to be concerned about.
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    I think this is probably the right place for a quick post... While I was enjoying family summer holidays, my 2017 auto GT86 had a trip to Warrington to visit @Mike@TD.co.uk After getting TD's NA package last December FI "upgrade" was always a consideration and I decided not to wait much longer a jump on an FI wagon. In addition to TD turbo kit upgrade I have opted for "super silent" 2nd decat, "super resonated" cat back and screamer pipe re-circulated into downpipe - the idea being that the car should stay quiet and be allowed on all major UK track days, with Bedford being close and Thruxton on the target list... Well, Mike managed to exceed my expectations here - its only 1-2 db higher, just the exhaust tone is somewhat deeper/ more mature. Don't get me wrong, I do like the growl of a V6 or a V8, but I wanted to keep it "neighbours and track friendly" (Mike did say though its a bit too quiet for his liking, but I've got exactly what I was after). The car now makes just over 281HP with 0.4 bars, with over 200 FtLb of torque after 4k. Now, first impression after 3 days of driving and just over 320 miles: In "normal" street driving, because it stays quiet you barely notice it has FI, it does feel "livelier" but you can drive it just like before (I don't think my Mrs would even notice on city/ daily routes), but as soon as come on the main road or just push the throttle beyond 3k revs you just hear a gentle whistle, somewhat deeper growl and... few seconds later you are at (or over) speed limit. Enjoy it a second longer and you are over 80 mph. Although I had a good run on M6 toll road, in normal D (auto) mode I could hardly push it enough to truly say what its capable of... have to wait couple weeks until I manage to go on track end of August. Mike also installed MFactory 4.67 FD, nice upgrade for my auto. And I have got an engine oil cooler and an autobox oil cooler. Too early to tell but after 3hrs of driving at 30+C the oil temp have not moved above 90C, not by a degree. Hope it can cope well on track with current temps, I will have 3 days in 1 week shortly So far very enjoyable and very happy I have decided to take a plunge with FI, will post an update after few track days and more experience...
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    Best wheel option?

    As an idea this is a comparison of an et40 17x7 (top) and an et35 18x8 (bottom) wheel. The 17x8 et50 would sit around the same in the arch as the 17x7 et40.
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    Wet or dry must support the club, can't moan about the heat and rain
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    My GT86 Progress Thread

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    Anyone know this car?

    It's got aftermarket wheels (TSW) and lights (Valenti). Mods are common, highly unlikely any cars are a grey import as the UK spec is good. That definitely is a UK car.
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    Lowe's Team Grey

    Yeah, there's a couple of really tight corners on my commute where like it or not you end up stuck low down in the revs and you'd really feel the torque dip whilst you're winding it back up again. Not an issue any more, you just get going straight away. Huge improvement on overall drivability, and to be honest I should have done it a lot sooner. Haven't noticed a difference in volume when hot, but have noticed a tendency to be more 'parpy' when warm, probably due to it being more eager to rev.
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    Hello! Need advice!

    Finally got my V5 so I could check the history online and it’s all good! Thanks for your help!👍🏽
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    New owner Bristol

    I say new, I’ve had it almost a year now but love it just as much as the day I picked it up! Only recently started to change things. Got the smoked valentis and spent the weekend plastidipping the wheels and front lip (so much fun!) . Looking at getting the windows tinted & roof wrapped shortly. Got some alcantara on order to wrap the dash. And hopefully get the TD NA kit and Resonated exhaust before the end of the year. Any other mods (fairly cheap) you guys would recommend? Cheers! Dave
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    Lowe's Team Grey

    Yesterday I took a drive up to Tuning Developments. Mike and the team fitted my RCM manifold, Miltek overpipe and then remapped everything to suit. Came out with a respectable 201.2bhp which I'm happy with. Funny that the car is now producing what it's supposed to produce from factory... So the overall set up is: Grimmspeed Intake > Engine (lol) > RCM (unbadged Tomei) UEL manifold > Miltek overpipe > OEM 2nd Cat >Cobrasport Resonated Catback. The car feels great, far more eager to get going and it pulls smoothly across the whole rev range with no dips or hesitations. Cold start fast idle is also now gone (YAY!) But the best bit by far is the noise. It's loud, but just about on the right side of being obnoxious... just. By like a hairs width if you're lucky. Keeping it to about 2k RPM with small throttle usage and it's actually quieter than it was before. But if you start to use the accelerator pedal it really lets the boxer rumble rip, it literally is a loud pedal. Downshift blips are addictive, there's some lovely crackle on the over run but it doesn't sound a bit 'forced' like the Audi's do. I took a quick static video earlier on: Really pleased.
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    I really wouldnt be put off by those issues. Providing you buy a car that has been properly maintained, about the only issue you are going to experience really is the coil pack one. I would not count that as a major issue. You will rarely even notice a coil pack going apart from the EML coming on. They cost £87 for a new one and if you've still got warranty that shouldn't be a problem to get it replaced. I have done 119K miles in five and a half years. I stick to the service schedule, I am never late with this. I have gone through all four coil packs in that time. I had a slight oil leak on the cam plate fixed under warranty at around 60K miles. I've had a CV joint go and replaced under warranty, though that is probably caused by lowering. My under bonnet strip is rusty, but I don't really care about that. Cheap to replace anyway. Engine failures are rare and as everyone else has said, relate more to cars with forced induction which is always going to be a lottery on a car that was designed to be NA. Also there are a lot of numpties out there who dont get their cars serviced on time, don't use OEM oil and don't let their car warm up properly before booting it. My experience of having one of the highest mileage cars in the UK that has included four years of sprinting, track days from when it was run in and a tuned engine with remap, manifold and all that, is that they are hardy cars indeed, providing you look after them. I would still think nothing of driving to Italy to mine with the mileage it has, which I have done twice already. Last year I drove right out to the Harz region of Germany at high speed in places on the autobahn. No problem. I use my car every day, it has never let me down.
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    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    Do you have a service manuals? They have full specs and wiring diagrams for everything, so you should be able to trace the O2 sensor wiring schematic. Available here if not: http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8374
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    Most carbon bonnets on the 86 are heavier as the oem aluminium bonnet is very light
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    This response from PattersonLaw sums up the many 'opinions' out there: - Are you allowed to drive in the UK whilst listening to music via a pair of headphones? - Yes as long as there can be no suggestion that you are not in proper control of the vehicle or driving without due care and attention. The crucial thing is whether you are excluding any chance of hearing external sounds. If you are, then you are driving without due care and attention.
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    2019 TRD

    I'm always a bit sceptical about statements like that. The Nissan 350Z has plenty more power, but has never sold in anything like the numbers that the GT86 has achieved. There's a bit of discussion on that Jalopnik article (as there frequently is on Pistonheads) about what the enthusiast says they want, and what people actually buy. A bunch of keyboard warriors saying "it needs more power" doesn't mean they'd actually buy it if it had more power. The price would go up and people would compare it to the Type R, Focus RS, and Golf R, instead of comparing it to a Fiesta ST. And they would probably say it was underpowered because it didn't have 300bhp.
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    Today I installed DAB on my Touch and Go....delightfully simple for anyone fancying it. The part number is: PZ473-T0210-A0. The module integrates seamlessly with T&G with a nice simple interface when you select DAB from sources. The part is about £380 from Toyota. In short: Remove bezel around front of radio with a trim removal tool. Remove the 4 Phillips head screws retaining the head unit. Pull the unit towards you. Disconnect all of the cables and remove the unit. Take the dab module and using cable ties fix it to the circular tube running along the firewall, making sure to allow the connections available. Run the DAB aerial from the module behind the glove box lid and out through the panel that allows you to switch off the airbags by the nearside door. Using a trim removal tool level out the a-pillar cover. Disconnect the green plastic thing by turning it 90 degrees and pulling. Run the aerial cable up the door seal and in to the a-pillar. Locate the metal bracket that retains part of the curtain airbag with a single Phillips head in to the a-pillar. On the aerial cable you will notice a metal earth tab. Secure the tab using the Philips screw and replace the metal bracket. Leave the aerial dangling for now. Take the included 1 in to 2 cable and plug the single end in to the DAB module. Take the other 2 ends and find the connectors that they splice (plug) in to at the back of the head unit, And plug everything back in. Power the ignition on and wait for it to boot. Go to audio....then sources and make sure you have DAB listed. If you do, good! Next, take the plastic aerial thing that sticks to the windscreen, peel off the backing and secure on the windscreen. I placed mine an inch from the side of the glass facing vertically. You only get 1 go so don't mess it up. Take the end of the aerial lead with the plastic end and press it on to the connector you just stuck to the windscreen, both should now stick together. Power on the head unit and check you are receiving DAB! Replace the a-pillar trim...don't forget the green thing. Tidy up the cables at the rear of the head unit, and reinsert the unit in to the dash. There should be enough room for the module and head unit if you have got it right. Replace the 4 Phillips head screws on the head unit, then replace the bezel. You now have DAB! Took me a couple of hours whilst I tried different cable routing. No photos unfortunately, too hard to do both!
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    Price lowered and without some mods to make it more affordable for some.
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    Rear brake pads fell out......?

    That would have been Engine Gearbox and Diff😂🤓
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    Schroth Rallye 3 ASM harness

    Thanks, exactly what was needed . All done now, thanks all for suggestions, will write longer post, may be of some help to others Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Reliability putting me off the 86.

    Most of these issues should have been sorted under warranty by previous owners. I must admit I'm not familiar with a lot of those you listed. However, there is an issue I have encountered and apparently others have reported it. The electric windows scratching the glass. I'm not impressed with the amount of issues I have had owning my gt86. Some common and some that only I have encountered as far as I know. Compared to my previous car swift sport, I had absolutely no issues with owning it for 4 or 5 years. I regret selling it. I've had the rust under bonnet. The scratching of electric windows. The rubber door sill on drivers side gets pulled away from seal when window closes. When you put the rear seats flat and then put them back. The latches/buttons almost come lose. I guess we can all list the battery as an issue? Or maybe it was intended to be a low capacity battery. Edit: maybe I'm nitpicking, but I expect better build quality for something this price and from Toyota.
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    Reliability putting me off the 86.

    To address some of the issues you've mentioned the rust is near the front quarter light not the rear and is a very minor issue remedied on the build of the later cars. Rust under the bonnet strip seems hit and miss, some simple protection seems to avoid the issue or, if the car is affected, the part is very cheap to replace. Oil leaks generally come from the cam plate cover at the rear of the engine. This can be resealed or a better quality plate fitted (also a cheap part). The engine issues you've identified are rare and mainly confined to fi cars apart from the coil packs but even that isn't that common (I've never had one go in over 5 years of ownership and my car has been tracked quite regularly). The fuel pump can be a little noisy but again that doesn't cause any issues itself. A lot of the engine problems you've mentioned seem more common on the US forums. In over 5 years of active membership of the forums I can probably count on the fingers of one hand the amount of times people have had issues with those things (apart from the coil pack which is a little more common but again isn't a majorly expensive fix). If you're interested in an 86 I'd genuinely not let any of the issues you've highlighted put you off as in the vast majority of cases they are simple non issues.
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    Key fob

    Buy them from Amazon.
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    Key fob

    If it is the same battery, I couldn't find them in normal shops either - but Halfords sell them. (I feel a little dirty recommending Halfords )
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    Key fob

    I've had a devil of a job finding CR1632 batteries. Had to resort to ebay. No idea if these take the same battery. Best bet is to pry open the shell and look. It'll probably have a notch in the side you can twist something like a 1p/2p coin in to pop it open. Shouldn't be a problem as long as you're gentle with it.
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    Key fob battery

    Video on this forum
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    Life after 5 year old

    Where abouts is this red line on the road ??
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    I have been chatting to the organiser on facebook - I will drop him a message and let you know
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    New owner Bristol

    No, just the MTech springs. Overall, it's an improvement I'd say.
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    New owner from the north west

    I’m from Warrington too , will keep a eye out for you, 👍🏽
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    RAYS GramLights 57CR - BRONZE

    Hi guys, just a quick heads up. RAYS had some 'special' stock wheels and I've managed to find a colour that is not normally available, so I've ordered 2 sets of Dark Bronze 57CR in 18x9.5 +38. We should have them within the next two weeks, so I will take photos of them to show you the colour etc. They are very rare, as RAYS don't normally produce wheels in non-catalogue specs, so keep an eye out and get your PayPal credit ready I think that it could be a colour very similar to this, however I haven't seen them and all I know is that the colour is Dark Bronze, so it might be even darker than the one on the picture. Price: £1411.20
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    RAYS GramLights 57CR - BRONZE

    You have my attention.
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    Best wheel option?

    You should definitely get RAYS Quality Japanese wheels! https://www.part-box.com/index.php?route=product/isearch&search=gramlights 18&description=true
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    Hmmm I wouldn't be so sure. You can sound deaden and seal the doors in a day. Makes a huge difference and it's not very costly nor heavy. Fortunately you just have to sneeze and the 86 interior comes apart.
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    Welcome! Your white BRZ looks just like mine - same model year. I love your attention to detail, too. Nice work so far. My sister lives west of Houston (Richmond) and I know those back roads a little, especially the drive to Brazos Bend State Park to see the alligators. Unfortunately, it's always been in rentals. Oh well!
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    Howdy Lauren, Yep I've been keeping an eye on your build as well. I'm going to do two more track days with instruction and then see where the next step is. My goal right now is primarily to focus on things that allow for weight reduction, but a little extra power wouldn't hurt, so I'm thinking a full exhaust and tune might be a next step. That should let me cut some weight, get 20-30hp in gains, and why not. For the suspension I'm still split and haven't yet made a decision, there's three different coilover systems I'm considering and I currently have some active correspondence to try to understand what is the right choice for my use case. Right now is seems very likely I'll end up with RCE Tarmac 2s, which are improved KW Clubsports. In either case, when I do the suspension I'm going to replace all components in the suspension at once with lightweight components that enable full adjustability. Then have my alignment tuned at my local performance alignment shop. I'll of course also add the appropriate bushings and bracing to stiffen things up on the chassis otherwise. I hadn't yet considered modifying the final drive, but that's a good idea. I haven't touched the diff yet, but depending on how temps play out over the next couple of months I may be adding an oversized diff cover to allow it to hold more fluid and cool itself better, in the process it wouldn't be too terrible to swap the FD gear. Not sure I want to take that on yet though. Meanwhile, I'm doing as much driver mod as I can. I've lost 28 pounds (2 stone), and I've been to multiple tracks and sought instruction at each now. It's pretty likely suspension will be next up on my list, but I may go ahead and do the exhaust (or hell, both at the same time). In either case there probably won't be any more part mods until into next year when I get my next tax refund
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    Had a great day despite the weather, always enjoy Beaulieu. Good to see old and new faces and well done Lee for dealing with the organisation.
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    Yeah exactly they are not illegal. Noise cancelling headphones don't block everything, at least not the ones I've tried. If you consider objectively, all of the sound insulation people are adding to doors and boots etc is essentially a very basic, heavy and inefficient form of noise cancelling. What I was trying to get across is the Focals are not a massive step forward. If you can't even listen to the stock speakers, you're not gonna be that impressed with just Focals either in my experience. Proper noise insulation is the only way to go for decent sound.
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    Blimey, I've commented for now, not sure how easy it will be to take photos on some of these, but i'll try tomorrow Stone chips on front - bumper was re-sprayed when I bought the car from the garage. Some minor stone chips since I've owned it. drivers seat bolster as it looks creased - Yes there's wear on the side support of the seat as it's where you get in and out - difficult to avoid. TBH I think the guy before me was a tad larger as it's not much different since I bought it as I noticed it too! along the sides to see if theres any car park dings - None. do the window uprights have signs of rust also engine bay metal strip that holds the rubber - Nothing from memory, but i'll check tomorrow. do the windows have any scratches on them from the door mechanisms - No
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    Hello EveryOne!

    Hi Benjie and welcome. Fab colour!
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    Lowe's Team Grey

    Perhaps but my concern is more the A clip itself. Since that keeps coming off it’s likely to fall into the liner and then there’s no way to fix them back. I think I’m going to glue the A clip, then push them in place.
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    Lowe's Team Grey

    They'll be fine. Think everyone who has changed them has had them fitted loose like that. Only time mine have worked loose was hitting a corner marker on a track day, and even then they were only slightly hanging out. The cable and plastic they're attached to do a good enough job of holding them on to the car
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    Marks Mods

    What are you posting, it comes up as ADULT CONTENT
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    S18 RSG

    Next Car/GT86 Differences

    I bought an M235i after deciding the difference between it and the M2 wasn't worth the £18k premium I'd have had to pay. It was initially a step down in cornering ability, and not a massive step up in power (my GT86 was turbocharged), but in almost every other area it was a huge improvement. After a year of ownership I've improved the handling with a set of Bilstein coilovers, wider and lighter wheels with Pilot Sport 4S's and recently a mechanical LSD. It's still heavier than the GT86, but I'll be driving away from one on any road now. I've also added some performance mods, taking the car to 420hp and 450lb/ft of torque, so in terms of power, even compared to the turbo'd guise of my 86, it's in a different league. For me, it was an obvious choice due to a change in lifestyle, and I 100% do not regret it. I've grown accustomed to the comfy ride, auto gearbox, effortless power and techy interior, it's changed my views on cars in some ways. I've put a deposit down on the Alpine A110 Premiere as next years' replacement, but after seeing the specs of the new Supra, I'm almost certain I'll be getting my deposit back for the A110 and using the money on the Supra when it comes out next year. Wishful thinking, but the idea of a more grown up, GT86-like sporty feel, coupled with an updated version of the engine in my current car sounds like a perfect compromise.
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    Turbo '86 part-out vs trade in

    @Mark-in-Stoke Red Valenti’s? 👀
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    Turbo '86 part-out vs trade in

    No, they buy them for standard price, part them out and then sell as stock.
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    Seat Recommendations

    Corbeau club sports, cheap and comfy. Not sure why people say they are uncomfortable on long journeys.. travelled 3-4+ hours in mine and been absolutely fine. Same with my dads pole positions
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    Seat Recommendations

    Stock seats are sufficient. You can't really get "comfy" bucket seats.. Let me put it this way, bucket seats will be alright for daily driving as long as you don't travel long distances, but you'll have to sacrifice some level of comfort if you want to be strapped in the seat.. unless you spend a lot of time on the track, it's not really worth it imho. Then obviously a reasonable recommendation would be Corbeau seats.. or Recaro / Bride that you can get through us.
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    Finally had a look at my pictures so thought I would put a few up. Thankfully we had reserved parking..... And a look around the two museums; In for the expensive 80000 mile "flux capacitor" service; I think they have put the lights on the wrong end...