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    Well, I had a blast this last weekend with a run around Twisted Sisters. I was with a mix of other cars, most of which had coilovers, but without even pushing it was able to maintain a comfortable lead. Even on stock suspension and sport tires, the BRZ is a very capable car in the twisties that puts nearly everything else out there to shame. Texas is experiencing a butterfly and moth migration currently, so I did my part to protect plants from the coming caterpillar problems. Texas Butterfly Massacre: All Clean!:
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    New Committee Members

    Well, some news at last. I am very pleased to announce Jeff @Deacon has taken the position on as Club Chairman. Welcome aboard Jeff. I'm in the midst of juggling work and trying to get all these things sorted, so I will be pleased to have some good help and I am sure that Jeff will do an amazing job, we are fortunate indeed to have him aboard. There are more committee members coming, I am in the midst of sorting it all out with Rob and Keith. There is still some vacant positions available in regard to Vice-Chair person and also two more in regard to Events, we really need a Northern events organiser!
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    Lowe's Team Grey

    Marmite time! Saw these for sale the other week and couldn't get down there quick enough to get them! They're the matching rear deck to my side louvres. Turns out it was Matt, the owner of MB Developments, a pretty well known Impreza breakers. He's got a BRZ as a personal car and these were from that. That said there wasn't much left of his own car To say it's undergoing a transformation would be an understatement. It was basically a rolling shell, everything back to bare metal in the most, and it had been attacked with an angle grinder. Rear arches cut away with wide arches being put in place. Custom made front wings with canards on too though none of that will be long term, since these are moulds for the carbon fibre panels that will go on once made. Oh, and there's a stinking great 2JZ in the front! This will be an absolute weapon when it's finished, I can't wait to see what it looks like in the end. Might be worth keeping an eye out for the company too since I guess they'll probably start doing more BRZ/86 platform stuff if the demand's there. Anyhoo, back to louvres. They were a little dusty since they'd been kept next to the BRZ when it was being fibreglassed so first port of call was a bloody good wash, and then layer of trim sealant to bring the black out a bit. That's when I took the above photo. Next job was removing all the old 3M tape that was stuck to the inner edge and the mounting brackets. This was a slow, slow process even with the careful use of sticky stuff remover. At this point I noticed one of the mounting brackets was missing and a couple of the rounded nuts were a bit damaged, so I managed to source some replacements along with fresh washers from Screwfix. Next step was to put some fresh 3M down. I decided to miss out the top two brackets since I was already one down and instead concentrate on some good thick 3M there. I put in a couple of water breaks along the top and bottom edges for good measure. Since I didn't have the original template for the brackets it would be a one shot deal on lining everything up once the 3M was peeled, so I placed the brackets into the louvres and finger tightened them up. My father in law gave me a hand fitting them, and we did a dry fit first to make sure everything was OK. The fit was spot on, so we used double glazing packers wedged in-between the glass and body to act as guides once we went for the final fitting. It worked pretty much spot on, lots of pressure and heat to help the 3M bite and then it was left in the garage overnight to cure. Rear visibility is obviously compromised, but not actually by all that much. The cabin is much darker though, especially in the back as you'd expect. Overall I'm really pleased. I know they're not to everyone's taste, yes they probably ruin airflow and add weight... but I think they look cool AF.
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    New Committee Members

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    Great weather, great cars, but even better group of people !! Good to catch up with the regular 86ers and meet some new people. And to Louise and your family we will be thinking of you on Thursday.
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    Thanks to everyone for the warm and friendly welcome Looking forward to the next event. Lou
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    You read it here folks, 10 out of 10 in my book. Not to mention all the top NA cars in TSS and JSS are running this package.
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    New Committee Members

    We now have a Vice-Chairman. Jordan has put himself forward and we are very pleased to have him. Welcome, Jordan. Jordan has a great passion for all things automotive as you all know and has been helping me run the Facebook page for a good while now. It looks like we are going to have a get together at the Xmas party, to get things in place and look forward to moving things forward for next year.
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    Thanks all for your support last night. Great company great venue see you all at The cars and Coffee at the museum of power on the 28th Oct. Don’t forget next mid week will be November 7th at the Half Way House. I will post officially soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It's not a myth, but usually the adaptation is toward safety and economy rather than "gains". A remap takes away some safety margin, or puts some back in if you're adding boost. Things that can change: Derestricted intake (e.g. less effective air filter), leans out AFR, ECU applies a little extra fuel to compensate Dodgy intake misleads air meter, car makes more peak power by leaning out the AFR. May self-correct over time. Freer breathing engine makes more usable power - irrespective of fuelling, an engine under less load can generate more torque. Exhaust pressure is load, intake restriction is load. It may make a little extra on top due to unexpected leanness. Things that cannot change without intervention: The base map. That safety margin for crap fuel, bad weather, high altitude and such is still there. Trims have upper and lower limits - you can't just add a turbo and expect the ECU to compensate. You might just about be able to handle a low pressure supercharger, but you would be living right on the edge. It doesn't know you need a different AFR, but it can at least add more fuel to match the observed airflow. Valve timing and lift settings, ignition timing In "closed loop" at low load the ECU uses the O2 sensor in the exhaust to compute a short-term fuel trim which it combines with long term and base map to decide fuelling. That informs the next fuel injection cycle and the long term fuel trim is tweaked. In "open loop" at high load, the ECU ignores the O2 sensor and blindly applies the long term trim to the base map. The learning is in the range of +/- 20%. Disconnecting the battery and flushing the trims is usually less helpful than normal driving.
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    Evo Triangle - 4th November 2018

    I am so on this, went last year but would be cool to do it in a group!
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    Finally putting pen to paper to give my 2p worth on the Mods @Mike@TD.co.uk fitted with the team for me. Taken me a while to post up as I have been too busy to drive the car and don't use it for work So I had fitted >NA kit for EL manifold (keeping the standard 2nd CAT and exhaust) >MTEC shifter springs > Whiteline positive shift bush So to sweet talk the other half into this been a good idea and the long drive from Essex to be worth it we had a day out shopping in Warrington and a trip to Blackpool We stayed at the IBIS down the road which was nice enough and had a good breakfast. Was worth the £45 to have the short drive to TD in the morning Arrived at 9am to find mike and co unloading an endless chain of nice Toyotas from the workshop. Had a good chinwag left the keys with them and got a cab to Warrington. to our surprise mike was on the phone by 1pm stating that the car was done and it was good to roll. cant beat that for efficiency! Arrived back at TD settled the tab and mike gave me a quick run through of the maps and settings and off we went. Before and after Graph: The old girl made good power in stock form obviously the life of a press and demo car and my track day appetite giving it a hard life from birth paid off! First impressions were that on cruise the car sounded more of less the same but has a nice little rasp now when pressing on through the revs. Ideal for what I wanted which was a stealthy sound and still be within the noise limits at all the strictest tracks (IE Bedford) Didn't really get much of a chance to have a play with the car coming home due to traffic and a boot full of luggage. Few weeks later I finally got to take the car out for a proper blast on a nice sunny Sunday. The car now has a butter smooth power curve which is actually deceptive and doesn't actually make the car feel any quicker. However coming out of corners and starting off there is no torque dip and the mid range is very strong. Also at the last GT86 meet I had a play with a couple of stock 86's coming home and after 2nd gear the car will now comfortably pull away so defiantly an improvement even if the feel is deceptive. However my favourite thing about the changes actually is the throttle map. In map 3 with the most sensitive throttle map it is lovely. And this is the setting it has been left in since picking it up. Makes the car feel so much more eager and makes heel and toe action even easier. Cant really comment on launch control, flat foot shifting and autoblip as I have not really used them. When I first picked up the car I was really not sure on the MTEC shifter spring upgrade. felt all it had done was make the shift heavier. However I think they are growing on me.... Not sure if I would do with the whiteline shift bush again though as it was increased noise a fair bit at low speeds. However this may bed in a bit and I am yet to try it on track to see the difference in hard use. Also having the cold start mapped out is an added bonus! In summary happy chap and cant wait to try it on track on the 5th of November. Will be like an outing for the TD cars with us all going along. Hoping to get a ride in Vads TD turbo car to plan my future spending
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    Sounds good.... already looking at B&Bs nearby [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I could be tempted into this... as long as a Yaris is allowed to join, can’t be worse than a Porsche right Will have to double check the Calender when I’m back in the country but think I’m free!!
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    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Depends really, I wouldn't say one location gave more benefit than another. Rear arches definitely helped, but you need to do the whole car to get the full benefit. I still need to do the backseats and the floor, but it's too cold & wet now to spend the whole weekend outside.
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    Alucardo's 86 Road / Track

    Another update of a trip to the Pyrenees via Le Mans. As you can see the roads and scenery are stunning. Its abit of a hidden gem being abit further away than the alps, the roads are quieter and we had 2-30 degree weather all the time we where down there. The GT86 performed well again though the front ball joint or wheel bearing I suspect needs replacing. I find myself enjoying these road trips much more than trackdays, they are a great laugh and you cannot beat exploring new roads especially when the road surfaces are excellent and the views so stunning.
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    Bedding New Pads

    TBH with those pads normal driving will be sufficient, enjoy the drive home
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    Wheel weight rota blitz, pro race 1.2

    Fox FX005
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    Well my car has now covered 101,330 miles which have been faultless apart from the Smart Locking System that went wrong last year Have renewed the Service Contract for another 30,000 miles which is 1.5yrs servicing covered A couple of photo's taken at Spa last Tuesday.......... Just a quick question : How do you know when the Coil Packs need replacing on this car ?
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    I have run a 9/14 with arb's and ran 7/8 with arb's for ages for dual use. The dampers make a massive difference to running the high spring rates though. I wouldn't fancy those rates on cheapie dampers!
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    Warrenty and modications

    Was also told the same when I took out an extended warranty when purchasing used from local Toyota dealer a few months back. Modifications shouldn't affect the validity of your warranty as long as the modified part doesn't have an effect on the part you are claiming for. As @Dave86 has said, can't see how it could be argued that the exhaust would cause a gearbox issue. Maybe try a different dealership?
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    Ruined my windscreen

    We all know that's a fib
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    I will be there at the Shell Garage, in memory of Harry
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    New Committee Members

    Thank you @Lauren I'm looking forwards to doing what I can to help
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    Budget - more power

    No worries, with it being one of the less common choices hopefully it saves someone the same hassle if they pick the cobra. Yes bud, mean the engine undertray.
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    Budget - more power

    Just a heads up to anyone else considering the cobra. It badly rubs on the shield in quite a large spot. Now at Toyota having brought it in due to the rattles that started to appear a couple days ago, tech just took me through and showed me. They're now attempting to mod the shield as well as my bank balance. Make sure if you get this fitted you or the garage mod the shield. 😪
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    Ruined my windscreen

    Okay. Any recommended method of applying it? I imagine just on a soft cloth and go up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down?
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    Ruined my windscreen

    Try some white spirit
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    Goodbye GT86

    I also like the mundane.
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    I really need to make one of these, will see what I can do.
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    The next step...

    I'm surprised by that, I find that it takes barely any effort to move between gears, almost like it's helping to guide you in. Transmission noise is down to the mount. The solution to that is getting yourself an antisocial exhaust, you won't notice the transmission noise.
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    Clutch, again

    I don't think so, not heard anyone have any issues with it... I've since had my clutch replaced and it's not started squeaking since but it squeaked for a good 2 or 3 years without issue
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    Andrew Smith

    The next step...

    I have done the insert and springs on mine and they are very easy to do. While it hasn't solved the cold gearbox issues the mods have certainly reduced them and once warmed as mentioned the box does feel a lot more positive and rifle bolt like.
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    The next step...

    Its just a feel thing. The shift spring is one of the best mods for the 86, it gives the gear change a rifle bolt feel, its lovely and you don't get bored of it.
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    Would like to hear the TD exhaust

    I have the TD full super-resonated exhaust and UEL manifold. I also live just outside Basingstoke. PM me if you would like to pop over and I'll take you for a drive so that you can hear it first hand. Much better than a YouTube video.
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    The next step...

    Shifter springs are a great inexpensive mod to improve the driving feel
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    The next step...

    Modify the driver. Track time and tuition. Squishy thing behind the wheel is generally what needs modifying most
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    Red budget build

    Looks good. I would take a look at some Ebaich springs. They give a modest drop and retain the oem comfort. Love mine. Drives nice on road and track and I have done things like the north coast 500 route round Scotland on some rough roads and found no issues I fitted them on my drive in 2 hours so a pro will have no problems in this time frame. Just got back from warrington with the other half. I got the NA package and she got a day out shopping in warrington and a nice lunch. Stayed in the ibis which was nice too and only £48 with all you can eat breakfast
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    Budget - more power

    Got the cobra UEL fitted Thursday, thanks for all the advice it really does transform the car like you all said. Now Drives how it should have always have.
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    Committee members wanted!

    Can vouch for the car limits days. I have learnt alot doing a couple. Can also book a club "activity" day through them. Not as much learning but alot of fun to just go and explore limits ;-) can be upto £50 to 100 each depending on numbers there to split the cost. Nice cafe on the airfield too so would be a nice club day out.
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    Red budget build

    Re detailing, you would want to spend £200-£250 on equipment, pads and polishes. More of you wanted to do multiple stages. It took me 20hrs to do prep, 2- stage correction and protection. It wasn’t all plain sailing. A year on, and even with very careful washing, I feel it needs another skim, but I can’t find the motivation to do it again. £400 is a good deal given effort involved, especially if it’s a multi-stage correction.
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    Budget - more power

    Losing the torque dip is exactly what you need, forget absolute power which you hardly ever use in normal driving. I can assure you that a UEL manifold and remap will bring you exactly the midrange flexibility that you need for everyday driving. And, as expressed elsewhere, lose them on the curves!
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    I can get my XL Devinci Troy and my mates L Cube stereo in mine, wheels and pedals off both bikes, also got our kit for two day in wales crammed in too! Takes a bit of planning haha. If it’s just mine I take the non drive side pedal off and put the bike in with the gears facing up.
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    [emoji7] Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Indeed fairwell Harry, I hope they have Gt86's wherever you are now.
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    Open loop is no feedback, closed loop is where the O2 feedback is used to adjust fueling. You got those crossed but otherwise spot on. It's worth noting that there is not a long term trim but various ones stored and applied over the RPM range and fueling split. Fuel trims as above. The Subaru method for global knock control is basic using a method called advance multiplier. 2 ignition timing tables, 1 is the base table and the other the advance. The advance multiplier is just literally a multiplier for the advance table. As standard it is set to 0.7 and if the ECU picks up no signals it determines as knock the IAM will increase towards 1 in increments. If there are any signals that it determines as severe enough knock then it will stop increasing or even decrease the IAM. This is constantly changing unless at 1 with no knock, so running 95 RON fuel for a while won't make the ECU run worse once you switch to better fuel but it will take (not much) time to adjust. This is only part of the knock control strategy but the one relevant to general fuel quality. All the info you'll want is here: http://www.romraider.com/forum/topic1840.html Battery/ECU reset just clears fuel trims and the advance multiplier and learnt ranges for accelerator pedal/throttle position sensor and possibly a few other sensors. I re-calibrate the sensors straight after an ECU flash.
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    Choose the correct setup based on your driving. Eveyrthing below available on www.part-box.com OE Replacement PADS EBC Ultimax Front Brake Pads EBC Ultimax Rear Brake Pads DISCS EBC OE Replacement Front Brake Discs EBC OE Replacement Rear Brake Discs _____________________________________________________________________________________________ STREET / FAST ROAD / Light Trackday PADS Performance Fiction Z-Rated Front Brake Pads Stoptech Street Performance Front Brake Pads Stoptech Street Performance Rear Brake Pads Ferodo DS Performance Front Brake Pads Ferodo DS Performance Rear Brake Pads EBC YellowStuff Front Brake Pads EBC YellowStuff Rear Brake Pads Cosworth Streetmaster Front Brake Pads Not Available - to be re-branded in the near future Cosworth Streetmaster Rear Brake Pads DISCS Stoptech Front Brake Discs Stoptech Rear Brake Discs DBA T2 Front Brake Discs DBA T2 Rear Brake Discs EBC Front Grooved Brake Discs EBC Rear Grooved Brake Discs National Auto Front Brake Discs _________________________________________________________________________________________________ TRACK / RACE PADS Ferodo DS2500 Front Brake Pads Ferodo DS2500 Rear Brake Pads Performance Friction .08 Endurance Front Brake Pads Performance Friction .08 Endurance Rear Brake Pads Performance Friction .11 Sprint-Race day Front Brake Pads Performance Friction .11 Sprint-Race day Rear Brake Pads EBC OrangeStuff Front Brake Pads EBC OrangeStuff Rear Brake Pads DISCS DBA 4000 Series T3 Front Brake Disc DBA 4000 Series T3 Rear Brake Disc DBA 5000 Series 2 piece Slotted Front Brake Disc DBA 5000 Series 2 piece Cross-Drilled & Slotted Front Brake Disc KITS Cosworth 6 Pot 350mm Front Big Brake Kit - Grooved Discs AP Racing 6 Pot 350mm Front Big Brake Kit - Black Caliper - Grooved Discs AP Racing 6 Pot 350mm Front Big Brake Kit - Red Caliper - Grooved Discs AP Racing 6 Pot 350mm Front Big Brake Kit - Black Caliper - J Hook Discs AP Racing 6 Pot 350mm Front Big Brake Kit - Red Caliper - J Hook Discs AP Racing 4 Pot 332mm Front Big Brake Kit - Black Caliper - Grooved Discs AP Racing 4 Pot 332mm Front Big Brake Kit - Red Caliper - Grooved Discs AP Racing 4 Pot 332mm Front Big Brake Kit - Black Caliper - J Hook Discs AP Racing 4 Pot 332mm Front Big Brake Kit - Red Caliper - J Hook Discs AP Racing 4 Pot 335mm Rear Big Brake Kit - Black Caliper - Grooved Discs AP Racing 4 Pot 335mm Rear Big Brake Kit - Red Caliper - Grooved Discs AP Racing 4 Pot 335mm Rear Big Brake Kit - Black Caliper - J Hook Discs AP Racing 4 Pot 335mm Rear Big Brake Kit - Red Caliper - J Hook Discs ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BRAKE LINES GOOD RIDGE Zinc Plated Stainless Steel Brake Lines
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    Goodbye GT86

    So it's now official, my 86 is gone! I dropped it off at the dealer today as part exchange, was quite interesting as none of the sales guys there had ever really come across one so they were all trying to call dibs on taking it for a spin afterwards to see what it was like . Hopefully it ends up going to a good home. It's been an awesome car and I've met some great people through owning it (some of which are now some of my closest friends) so it was a bit sad to say goodbye but it was time to move on to something else. Hopefully I'll still be welcome at some of the club meets and track days, albeit if I have to park in a corner Anyways, say hello to the replacement: An E92 M3 Alpine Edition
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    Sound generator, worth removing?

    Blanking it off was the best thing I've done to the car yet! Will eventually get an intake hose
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    Tuning developments stage 1

    Buying the TD NA kit including the remap will yield most of what power can be had without going turbo. I'd recommend it. Sent from my LG-Q6 using Tapatalk